New Media and Communication Doctorate Degree (PhD) - Academic Staff

Prof. 2 Assoc. Prof. 6 Total 8

Nazife GÜNGÖR, Professor

Rector / FC / New Media and Communication / GSSS / Director of New Media and Communication PhD Program / Director of Media and Cultural Studies MA Program / Faculty of Dentistry - Deputy Dean of the Communication Faculty


Süleyman İRVAN, Professor

FC / Advisor to the Rector / Head of Journalism Department


Gül Esra ATALAY, Associate Professor

FC / Head of the New Media and Communication Department / SOBE / Department of New Media and Journalism / Director of Ü.Ü. İLİMER


Feride Zeynep GÜDER, Ph.D Associate Professor

FC / New Media and Communication Department / FHSS / English Translation and Interpreting Department


Esennur SİRER, Ph.D Associate Professor

FC / Chair of Radio, Television and Cinema Department


Aylin TUTGUN ÜNAL, Associate Professor

FC / Cartoon and Animation Department / Director of ÜSÇÖZÜM / Scale Development Coordinator

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