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Media and Cultural Studies Contribute to Communication Science

What is the Media and Cultural Studies Master Program?

The Media and Cultural Studies as an extension of the Faculty of Communication at Üsküdar University, the Graduate School of Social Sciences, is an interdisciplinary graduate program aimed at conducting academic and scientific studies in the field of media, communication and culture.

What is the Contribution of Cultural Studies to the Media and Communication Sciences?

The cultural studies, which was first formed as a methodological basis for linguistic studies in England, has found an active usage area in communication sciences in a short time and has become an important section of communication studies in time.

In the analysis of media texts, the theoretical and methodical scientific possibilities of cultural studies have been taken into consideration. The discourse analysis developed in cultural studies is an important methodological basis for communication scientists. In the same way, many researches and analysis techniques such as focus group studies and reception analysis developed within cultural studies, participation observation techniques related to production processes of media content and analysis of news production processes, ideology analysis, linguistics and semiology studies provide important insights for communication sciences.

The main reason why cultural studies are shaped in linguistics studies and developed and spread in media and communication studies, continue as a fertile land with rich resources for researchers both in theoretical thought and methodological terms, is to feed on all areas of social sciences such as anthropology, literature, history, sociology, political science, philosophy, psychology as well as linguistics and communication sciences. Especially in popular cultural studies, the alliance of cultural studies with the sciences of media and communication has become an important attraction for communicators.

What are the Courses Taken in the Media and Cultural Studies Master Program?

The education in Media and Cultural Studies Master Program is carried out under two disciplines: ”Media Studies” and ”Cultural Studies” .

The Media Studies: It focuses on theories, research and applications related to such as radio, television, cinema, printed media, new media and mass media on the axis of communication sciences. Within the scope of this discipline, students take empirical and theoretical courses in communication and media subjects and carry out empirical and theoretical thesis studies. It is a suitable program for media professionals as well as those who wish to pursue academic careers in various fields of communication sciences and those who have completed their master's degree in this field can continue their doctorate programs in all departments and fields of communication.

The Cultural Studies: The Cultural Studies, which has a master's degree in communication sciences, is an interdisciplinary scientific field due to its relationship with many other fields such as linguistics, sociology, anthropology, history, political science, philosophy as well as communication. The graduates of this science program, which provides comprehensive and in-depth graduate education, with a focus on communication and culture, and a rich course content, will be able to make a doctoral degree in all areas of communication, as well as social sciences such as sociology, anthropology, history, political science, philosophy, linguistics etc. and they can work as an expert in the application-oriented units of related fields.

Who can Apply to the Media and Cultural Studies Master Program?

In addition to graduates who graduate from any department of communication faculties, those who have obtained a bachelor's degree from any department of Social Sciences may apply to the Master's program with thesis or without thesis.

What are the Working Areas of the Media and Cultural Studies Master's program Graduates?

Within the scope of the master's program of media and cultural studies, which was established by the Üsküdar University Graduate School of Social Sciences , is aimed that cultural studies will be carried out with high scientific quality and serious academic studies in the field of communication sciences by utilizing the rich and deep-rooted intellectual, theoretical and method scientific opportunities.

The physical environment of Üsküdar University, the appropriate infrastructure that enables scientific studies and the strong academic staff are aimed to train qualified communicators who have high intellectual level and who are specialized in communication sciences and cultural studies within the scope of this program.

The media and cultural studies those who complete the non-thesis part of the master program can work as a communication professional in the media, and they can serve as communication experts and consultants in private or public institutions. Those who complete the thesis part of the master program can also continue their PhD program in any department of communication or social sciences and find the opportunity to progress in the academic field.

What is the Duration of the Media and Cultural Studies Master Program?

The duration of the master's program without thesis is three semesters. Students enrolled in the non-thesis program graduate in three semesters (total one and a half years) by taking ten courses, two of which are compulsory, three of which are elective, and completing the graduation project.

The duration of the master’s program with thesis is four semesters, in other words two years. The students can graduate completes their thesis work in two semesters after taking a total of eleven courses, which includes three elective and two compulsory courses and one seminar in each semester. 

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