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Visual Communication Design Doctorate Degree (PhD) - Application and Fees

2023-2024 Spring Semester Online Applications will start on 11.12.2023.

Application Deadline: 14.01.2024 

The online Pre-Registration Link is below:


2023-2024 Visual Communication Design Ph.D. Program Spring Semester Entrance Exam

Exam Date                : will be announced 

Written Exam Time : will be announced  

Oral Exam Time       : will be announced

Exam Hall                  : will be announced


Who Can Apply to the Visual Communication Design Ph.D. Program?

In order to apply to the program, it is necessary to have a master's degree with a thesis from one of the communication or design programs such as communication sciences, visual communication design, cartoon animation, new media and communication, journalism, cinema and television, advertising, public relations, graphic design, communication arts. Graduates of master's programs other than the field of Visual Communication design are required to take a scientific preparatory course from the Visual Communication Design Master's Program if necessary.

Admission to the Program and Exam

ALES: In order to apply to the program, it is necessary to get at least 55 (verbal) points from the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES). Foreign candidates are not required to enter the ALES exam. The validity period of the ALES exam is three years.

Foreign Language Requirement: In order to apply to the program, it is necessary to get at least 55 points from any of the foreign language exams accepted by the Postgraduate Education Legislation.

Doctoral Entrance Exam: In order to be accepted to the program, candidates who meet the conditions of Üsküdar University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations, must be successful in the written and oral exam to be held by the Head of the Department.

The minimum duration of the Ph.D. program is 4 years, maximum 6 years.

Dear Prospective Students,

In the Fall Semester of the 2023-2024 Academic Year, 15 new students will be admitted to our Visual Communication Design PhD Program.


- 50% of the verbal weighted ALES score,

- 20% of the psychology graduate grade point average (GANO) converted to a 100-point system,

- Ranking will be made by taking 30% of the Science Exam scoring.*

Applications will be received through the online application system until 20 August 2023. Cargo - mail - hand application will not be accepted. 

The applications of the candidates who do not apply online and do not upload the ALES document of the last 5 years, the language score document of 55 and above, the document showing the graduate graduation grade point average to the application system will be invalid.

Information on scholarships can be obtained from: https://uskudar.edu.tr/en/doctorate-scholarships



Click to Download Foreign Language Exams Equivalency Document: Yabancı Dil Sınavları Eşdeğerlikleri Belgesini İndirmek İçin Tıklayın 

PROGRAM FEES: https://international.uskudar.edu.tr/en/tuition-fee

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