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Graduate School of Social Sciences - Uskudar University FAQ

What is the main difference between Applied Psychology and Clinical Psychology?

Applied psychology; It is a master's program that enables to make daily life practical by using the principles of psychology and provides specialization in non-clinical applications. On the other hand, Clinical Psychology is a specialty studied on pathology, psychotherapeutic training in clinical cases. Clinical psychology is a graduate program that gives importance to the psychotherapy and clinical treatment of the patient. Clinical tests with scales and reports, provide the competence to take part in the treatment team. After complete the program, licensee is gained. On the other hand, applied psychology gives competence to the application of psychology in fields such as forensic, sports, health, social, academic and management consultancy. 

What is the difference between the program with thesis and the program without thesis?

What is different from the thesis program from the non-thesis program; scientific research is being in graduation thesis step. This thesis, which is the publication of the person, is considered a science specialization with thesis in terms of scientific expertise in academic promotion.

What are the titles and authorizations gained when the Clinical Psychology graduate program is completed?

Upon successful completion of the Üsküdar University Clinical Psychology Master's program, the title of Clinical Psychologist is gained.

What is the Scientific Preparation program? 

Non-area bachelors are required to take the basic courses determined by the graduate-school if they are accepted to the graduate program. Upon completion of the course, candidates are entitled to start the program.

What is the context of the science exam?

An exam has been designed to test basic undergraduate knowledge.

What is the submission date of the thesis supervisor form?

This form must be filled within one month from the begining of education.

Thesis Supervisors 

Thesis supervisor is selected from the professors, associate professors and assistant professors working in the relevant department of the graduate-school, and if they are not found, they are selected from the full-time lecturers who have completed their PhD.

Is there a deadline for selecting a thesis supervisor?

It is obligatory to choose an thesis supervisor until the end of the second week of the beginning of the classes at the latest.

Is there a possibility to change the thesis supervisor?

You must apply to the student affairs office of the graduate-school with your petition stating the reason for your change.

Do I have to choose a thesis supervisor while preparing a project, even if I do a master's degree without thesis?

It is obligatory to choose an advisor while doing a master's degree both with and without thesis.

What is the project submission date for without thesis program? In how many years should the project be delivered? When should the project be submitted?

The project must be delivered in the following period. Master program without thesis must completed in six semesters period. The term is going to be extended if the project is not delivered. Tuition fee of the year must be paid.

How Master program with thesis’ stundents exam presented? How long master program with thesis contineued? Are there any dead-line for master program with thesis?

Students who are in  a master's degree with thesis will submit their thesis to the graduate-school. The graduate-school submission form will be filled and the thesis defense will be made in front of the jury formed by the graduate-school. The members of the jury will be proposed by the thesis supervisor. An oral examination will be held on the day and time determined by the graduate-school. The completion period of the master's program with thesis is maximum four semesters. Decisions regarding earlier completion of master’s program with thesis are determined by the Senate.

Does master’s program without thesis students change their program with master’s program with thesis? 

They can apply for master’s program with the thesis at the end of the first semester.

Is it possible to apply for a master's degree with thesis program even if there is no Ales score?

It is possible to appyly for a master’s degree with thesis program if you take 55 Ales points in any field in the following semester.

Add / Drop / Change

Add /drop will be carried out with the approval of the advisor in the first week of semester.

Erasmus Programme 

Our graduate students can benefit from Erasmus internship mobility and student exchange movement.

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