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Granduate School of Social Sciences - Uskudar University General Information

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Graduate School of social sciences (SOBE), which was established in the same year under the umbrella of Üsküdar University, which was established in 2011 as Turkey's first university in the field of Behavioral Sciences and Health, organizes graduate programs in various fields of psychology, neuromarketing and communication.

Üsküdar University Graduate School of Social Sciences, with its professional academic staff and wide application opportunities, offers a visionary, fully equipped education that has a command of the innovations in the field and the literature. It is aimed that the participants of the programs will deepen in their fields of expertise and provide a solid foundation for those who want to pursue an academic career in the future.

Graduate School of Social Sciences / Master's and Doctorate Programs

The Graduate School of Social Sciences includes the following programs:


  Family Counseling
(With/Without Thesis)
(With/Without Thesis)
  Visual Communication Design
(With/Without Thesis)
  Public Relations and Advertising
(With/Without Thesis)
  Clinical Psychology
(With/Without Thesis)
  Media and Cultural Studies
(With/Without Thesis)
(With/Without Thesis)
(With/Without Thesis)
  International Relations
(With/Without Thesis)
  Applied Psychology
(With/Without Thesis)
  New Media and Journalism
(With/Without Thesis)


  Visual Communication Design
  International Relations 
  New Media and Communication

Competent Clinical Psychologists are Trained

With the Clinical Psychology Master's Program, our students are given the opportunity to practice in the hospital environment and to be able to train in the field and have the necessary equipment. University Graduate School of Social Sciences offers an education which has command of innovations on literature, visioned and fully equipped with Professional academic personel and broad application facillities.

NP Group is which gets under weigh with intentions that; increasing mental health of society, contribute to solving problems about mental health and provide to predicted methods and conditions of modern sciences; Educates by its multidisciplinary approach and thematic structure and it aims to training scientist.

The Applied Psychology Master's Program includes practical courses on the psychological problems that psychology graduates may encounter in their professional lives.

Marketing Communication Specialists Are Trained

The Neuromarketing Master’s Program aims to provide qualified human resources to the marketing communication sector by educating the neuromarketing experts who are demanded in the professional market. Our main missions are to educate neuromarketing experts who are knowledgeable about the history, prestige and ethics of the brain and functional processes, have extensive knowledge of neuromarketing techniques, equipped with neuroscience tools and better marketing strategies.

The Media and Cultural Studies as an extension of the Faculty of Communication at Üsküdar University, the Graduate School of Social Sciences, is an interdisciplinary graduate program aimed at conducting academic and scientific studies in the field of media, communication and culture.

New Media and Journalism, Technology and Communication

The program itself has an interdisciplinary understanding and is fed by various branches of science within the scope of communication sciences, while at the same time it is becoming open to new scientific fields with technological developments. The foundation of the new media as a basis for journalistic studies allows journalism to evolve and develop, depending on technological developments.

Graduate School of Social Sciences Psychology Doctorate Program Prepares for Education and Research Career

The targeted program aims to prepare a successful educational and research career in national and international academic platforms with a high quality in the field of psychology, modeling the theory, research and practice integration in the field of psychology.

Internship and Practice Opportunities Offered

Graduate programs within the Graduate School of Social Sciences offer practical opportunities as well as academic knowledge. Students participating in the program can benefit from work, practice and internship opportunities in the laboratories of Üsküdar University NP Etiler Medical Center, NP Feneryolu Medical Center, and NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, which is an application partner of Üsküdar University.

In the Graduate School of Social Sciences, courses are carried out theoretically and practically, and as of the academic year 2023-2024, there are 1408 active students.

(***According to the decision of our Rectorate, only graduates of the Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Guidance programs will be admitted to the Clinical Psychology Graduate Program.)

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