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Institute of Social Sciences

SOBE that is founded in 2011, collects under its umbrella Clinical Psychology, Applied Psychology, Neuromarketing, Media and Cultural Studies, New Media and Journalism, Sociology, Family Counselling, Visual Communication Design, International Relations Master Programs and Psychology Doctorate Program. Uskudar University Institute of Social Sciences offers an education which has command of innovations on literature, visioned and fully equipped with Professional academic personel and broad application facillities.

NP Group is which gets under weigh with intentions that; increasing mental health of society, contribute to solving problems about mental health and provide to predicted methods and conditions of modern sciences; Educates by its multidisciplinary approach and thematic structure and it aims to training scientist.

(***Decisions taken by our institute; only graduated from Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Guidance and Medical Faculty can apply to Clinical Psychology Master Programme.)

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