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Applied Psychology Master's Degree - About

Applied Psychology Master's Program


Scientific developments are increasing the importance of cooperation in the fields of science. The branches of science, which carry out their studies independently, contribute to scientific progress with the increase of cooperation. Psychology and neuroscience are the center of this collaboration.  

In particular, branches of science such as economics, marketing, human resources, industry, organizational management, teaching and art, as well as disciplines such as physics, chemistry and biology, are both affected by psychology and affect psychology. That's why the science of psychology; It is an indispensable field for individuals who want to better understand themselves, their environment and their profession and continue to increase its importance.   

Üsküdar University, Turkey's first thematic university in the field of Behavioral Sciences and Health, continues to offer its students an educational curriculum that can be integrated and formed the basis of many disciplines, with the Applied Psychology Master's Program since the day it was founded.

What are the Aims of the Applied Psychology Program?


• Comprehending the necessity of interdisciplinary interaction in order to develop his/her point of view on the area he/she specializes in,

• Being able to plan and conduct a research to answer a unique question in the field of specialization,

• Being able to write a scientific report and present it orally,

• Being aware of the professional competence and limitations of the field in which he gained expertise,

• Using the testing, evaluation, techniques and methods of the area of expertise,

• It is aimed to act in accordance with the ethical rules of the field in which it specializes and to be sensitive to ethical violations.

 What are the Courses Taken in the Applied Psychology Master's Program?

They may encounter in their professional career, graduates and applied psychology courses for psychological problems. The program, developmental psychology, industrial psychology, educational psychology, will support classes for clinical psychology sub-areas, as the courses and students of statistics including elective subjects include lectures and practices that will allow them to specialize in research methods and test development.

Who Can Apply to the Applied Psychology Master's Program?

Applied Psychology Master's Program;

• Graduates from a different department, but who are interested in Psychology and want to pursue a career in this field,,

• Those who want to work in all private and public institutions (hospitals, psychiatry clinics, courts, schools, universities, public health centers, prisons, etc.) by integrating their Psychology Master's degree and knowledge,

• Those who want to support their personal development,

• Those who want to pursue an academic career can choose.

What are the Working Areas of Applied Psychology?

Work for psychology graduates with an important position among the profession today and the future is wide. Candidates who want to develop themselves and to specialize in a subject will expand the possibilities of finding a job to do graduate.

NOT: The Applied Psychology Master's Program does not provide the clinician title and the opportunity to see clients after graduation and to work in hospitals. Candidates who graduated from the Department of Psychology and other disciplines in the Applied Psychology Master's Program synthesize their own knowledge and psychology knowledge by graduating from this program. Graduates of Psychology and Psychological Counseling-Guidance Undergraduate Programs can apply to the Applied Psychology Master's Program or to the Clinical Psychology Master's Program.

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