Media and Cultural Studies Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


The main mission of the Master Program in Media and Cultural Studies is to ensure that students in the field of media and cultural studies are equipped with a solid theoretical knowledge; and then doing extensive thesis work in the field. The program has a mission to train professionals in both the media sector and the academic field. Among the main achievements of the program are professionals who work or will work in the media sector to think more systematically, to be critical and inquisitive, and to be analytical. In addition, those who have completed their masters in the program can also perform their doctorate in media studies, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, etc. and in various fields of social sciences. In this sense, an important mission of the program is to educate academicians in related fields.


The media and Cultural Studies Master's program has already taken its place among the prominent graduate programs of Turkey with its qualified academic staff trained in the field with its strong theoretical side, from an interdisciplinary standpoint. It will become much more common in the media sector and in the academic community in the coming years, with qualified graduate studies to be made by students. The Master's program in Media and Cultural Studies aims to cooperate with international programs in a short period of time in terms of similarity with other programs offering the same education at international level. Erasmus, bilateral agreements, research fellowship, joint congresses, conferences, etc. are defined as a vision to gain brand value at the international level in a short time by means of interaction.

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