Psychology Doctorate Degree (PhD) - Application and Fees

2022-2023 Spring Semester Online Applications will start on 12.12.2022.

Application Deadline: 05.02.2023, Sunday

The Online Pre-Registration Link is below:

2022-2023 Psychology Ph.D. Program Spring Semester Entrance Exam

Written Exam     : 07.02.2023 

Interview Exam : 08.02.2023 

Exam Place        : Çarşı Yerleşke

Dear Prospective Students,

Fifteen new students will be admitted to our Psychology Doctorate Program in the Spring Semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

In accordance with the Graduate Education Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated November 22, 2019, special students will be evaluated by the Psychology Doctorate Program only on the condition that they are registered in another psychology doctoral program.

Bases of evaluation

- 50% percent of Post-Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) score (equally weighted), 

- 20% of undergraduate GPA, 

- 30% of science exam.*

Applications will be received through the online application system until January 13, 2023, at 5.30 pm. Other applications (e.g., Cargo, mail, or in person) will not be accepted. 

Those who do not apply online and do not provide the Post-Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) document of the last five years, a minimum score of 55 from the English proficiency exam, or GPA document (for master’s degree) will not be considered for further evaluation.

Information about the scholarship opportunities can be accessed at this link: 



Click to Download Foreign Language Exams Equivalency Document



Only those who hold a master’s degree in Psychology (e.g., clinical psychology, applied psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, forensic psychology) can apply to the psychology Ph.D program

Having a master’s degree in psychology (with thesis) (*)

Having a minimum score of 55 from the English proficiency exam (YDS or equivalents).

(*) The applications of the candidates registered to the Psychology Master's Program before February 06, 2013, will be evaluated regardless of thesis and non-thesis distinction.


– The original and one copy of the undergraduate diploma and master’s degree diploma

– The original and photocopy of transcript for undergraduate and master’s degree

– The Post-Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) score document

– One copy of the identity card

– 4 Photograps

– The score of YDS or equivalent foreing language exams


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