Clinical Psychology Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


The main mission of the Master's Program in Clinical Psychology is to ensure that students in clinical psychology are equipped with a sound theoretical knowledge and train clinical psychologists based on the science-practitioner model. The program has a mission to train qualified professionals in clinical psychology. In addition, graduates of the program are able to complete a doctorate in various fields such as psychology, health sciences and social sciences. In this context, an important mission of the program is to train academicians in related fields. It is aimed for our students to have knowledge about the theoretical backgrounds of clinical psychology applications, contribute to the field with qualified scientific research, be in the societal and clinical benefit studies, develop skills that can lead and direct the studies and carry out all these skills and activities in the framework of scientific principles and occupational ethics.


The Clinical Psychology Master’s Program has taken its place among Turkey's prominent graduate programs with its cross-disciplinary perspective, a strong theoretical education and qualified academic staff trained in this field. The Clinical Psychology Master's program aims to engage in education and research cooperation with programs abroad. Erasmus has obtained a vision that the program acquires brand value internationally in a short period of time through interaction means through bilateral agreements, research stakeholder, joint congress, conference etc.  

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