Philosophy Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


The program aims to introduce students to both classical thought and contemporary thought and problems in a framework that takes into account the history of philosophy as well as various traditions in philosophy. It directs them to work on the fundamental topics of philosophy such as the meaning of life, happiness, environment, health, science, culture, and art. It is our purpose see our graduate students as individuals who are aware of the universal problems of humanity, who can philosophically discuss the current problems of the contemporary world, who are innovative, pluralistic, egalitarian, ethical, and investigative, able to develop different perspectives and methods.


Our vision, which deals with contemporary world problems within both theoretical and practical philosophies, is to be a graduate program in philosophy that is in dialogue with various philosophical traditions and perspectives in the world, and makes room for pluralistic, egalitarian, ethical, participatory, innovative, questioning, creative, and interdisciplinary thinking.

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