Philosophy Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


We aim to introduce both classical and contemporary thoughts and problems to students within a framework that takes into consideration the history of philosophy with diverse traditions. Also, we aim to raise students with specialized knowledge on basic topics of philosophy such as meaning of life, happiness, environment, health, science, culture and art. As a result of the master degree in philosophy, we aim for students to become researchers who are able to discuss also the universal problems of humanity and the current problems of the modern world with a philosophical perspective which is also sensitive to values of pluralism, diversity, equality and ethics.


Our vision is to become a master program in philosophy that opens space for interdisciplinary, pluralist, diverse, egalitarian, participatory, innovative, creative, critical and ethical thinking, which is in connection with art, humanities and sciences, in dialogue with diverse traditions of philosophy in the world, in capacity of discussing the contemporary problems within both theoretical and practical philosophies.

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