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Public Relations and Advertising Master's Degree - Course Content

HIR501 Public Relations Theories

An interdisciplinary framework of concepts, theories, models, topics, history and methods of the discipline of public relations is presented within the scope of the course. In addition, this course, which deals with issues such as public relations and advertising, public relations and propaganda, public relations and lobbying, public relations and marketing, aims to prepare individuals who make critical and ethical inquiries for the profession.

HIR502 Theoretical Approaches to Advertising

In this course, in addition to traditional theories and models such as AIDA and DAGMAR, which explain the effects of advertising and its operation on consumer behavior, contemporary advertising theories are also addressed from a strategic point of view. In this course, respectively; Brand and Advertising Theory and Models, How does advertising work? Advertising Models, Advertising Effects, Advertising Theories, Theoretical and Strategic Advertising Approaches are discussed.

HIR504 Brand Management

In this course, concepts and strategies related to Brand Communication and Brand Management decisions are discussed. All brand-related variables are addressed from a strategic point of view. In this course, respectively; Brand Communication, Brand Management Processes, Brand Decisions, Brand Identity, Brand Associations, Brand Equivalence are covered.

HIR506 Seminar

The principles of scientific research and important issues in writing the thesis will be discussed and students will be able to master the theoretical and methodological approaches related to their research subjects within the scope of the course. In addition, with the seminar course, students will be able to prepare their academic studies in accordance with scientific research methods and present their studies orally.

HIR503 Research Methods and Academic Ethics

The importance and techniques of scientific research, qualitative and quantitative research methods, ethical problems in scientific studies will be examined within the scope of the course. In addition, academic articles will be analyzed within the scope of the course, and how the logic of scientific thought is developed and the basic steps of scientific studies will be analyzed practically.

HIR523 Current Approaches in Public Relations

The course deals with new approaches to the discipline of public relations. Students will be equipped with the most up-to-date concepts and methods in the field of public relations, to catch the agenda, to analyze recent discussions in the discipline of public relations, and to make their own research designs based on new approaches with the course.

HIR524 Current Approaches in Advertising

In this course, current issues such as guerrilla advertising, city branding are discussed. In this course; it is aimed to gain a perspective of evaluation and interpretation from a different perspective, taking into account the current developments in advertising. In the course, respectively; Current Issues in Advertising, Guerrilla Advertising, Digital Advertising, City Brands and Advertising, Native Advertising are covered.

HIR525 Reputation Management

In this course, the theoretical definition of the concept of reputation is given in the axis of Corporate Brand strategies, public relations and advertising. In this course, respectively; definition of Reputation Management, Reputation Management Strategies, Corporate Brand Management and Reputation, Reputation Research, Public Relations and Reputation Management are covered.

HIR526 Media Planning

Concepts related to media planning within the scope of public relations and advertising will be analyzed and the role of media planning will be understood within the scope of the course. Students will be able to distinguish the basic concepts used in media planning and gain media planning skills with the course.

HIR527 Public Diplomacy

The aim of the course is to make students comprehend the importance of the concept of public diplomacy, to show its application areas and tools, to discuss current public diplomacy cases, practices and effects at an international level. Students will learn about the close relationship between public diplomacy and the profession of public relations and how to use this tool effectively with the course.

HIR528 Corporate Communications

The aim of this course is to understand the concept of corporate communication, its theoretical background, strategic role and areas of expertise. What is corporate communication? The concept of the institution, its functions and features, corporate identity, culture and image, internal communication, public relations and corporate communication relations, corporate communication campaign examples from Turkey and the world will be discussed.

HIR529 Digitalization and Public Relations

The aim of the course is to enable students to understand the process of digital communication and public relations and to create digital communication strategies. Students will be able to analyze the development of new communication technologies, new media concepts and digital public relations practices with the course.

HIR530 Perception Management Studies

The aim of the course is to provide students with a general understanding of perception management strategies and practices, which is one of the important areas of expertise in public relations. The concept of perception and perception management, and the different areas in which perception management is used will be examined within the scope of the course. Case studies on perception management will be examined and a general scheme will be tried to be created in the minds of students about how perception management should be carried out within the scope of the course.

HIR531 Integrated Marketing Communications

In this course, the transition from promotion management to integrated marketing management is examined. 360 degree communication, relational marketing and customer relations management, developing sales and marketing strategies that bring the consumer to the center instead of sales-centered communication and marketing strategies, the most effective ways to benefit from the possibilities of communication in determining the strategies in product and service delivery, the place and importance of communication in all kinds of presentations and organizations, subjects such as basic concepts and processes in brand management, brand management are discussed.

HIR532 Neuromarketing Studies

This course examines the relationship between neuroscience and behavior. The strategic connection between marketing and neuromarketing is mentioned, and all theoretical and practical issues, including theories and models related to the subject, are examined within the theoretical framework. In this course, respectively; Theoretical Fundamentals of Neuromarketing, Neuromarketing Strategies, Neuroscience and Marketing are covered.

HIR533 Neuromarketing in Advertising and Public Relations

Subjects such as the analysis of the formation processes of purchasing decisions in the brain, the neuroscientific basis of the individual's purchasing decision and behavior, the use of the possibilities of neuroscience in the determination of marketing and advertising strategies are discussed. In this course, respectively; Definition of Neuromarketing, Neuromarketing Strategies, Neuromarketing and Advertising, Public Relations and Neuromarketing are covered.

HIR534 Health Communication Studies

Concepts such as health communication, main theories and models in the field of health communication, health communication campaign processes, media and health, health communication and ethics will be analyzed within the scope of this course. The course will provide students with the ability to predict and evaluate health communication activities with a critical approach in line with the interdisciplinary nature of the field.

HIR535 Organizational Psychology

This course focuses on organizational structure, intra-organizational communication, and intra-organizational relations. It is encouraged to conduct some research on organizational harmony and communication. Evaluations are made on academic studies on organizational communication and intra-organizational interaction within the scope of the course.

HIR536 Advertising Psychology

In this course, the processes of analyzing the theories and approaches of the science of psychology on understanding how advertising works in the human brain are discussed. In this course, respectively; concepts of advertising psychology, theoretical framework of advertising psychology, consumer purchasing processes, psychological effects of advertising, attitudes and sensory reactions to advertising, purchasing processes are discussed.

HIR537 International Public Relations

Academic studies on international public relations and related literature are researched within the scope of the course. International politics, diplomacy, lobbying activities are examined within the scope of this course focused on the concept of public relations.

HIR538 Public Relations and Lobbying

Lobbying activities have become especially important in today's global world. With the growth of the economy at the international level, the increasing importance of international trade, the increase in international cultural relations, and the intensification of international tourism, international lobbying activities have also gained momentum. Within the scope of the course, evaluations are discussed in the axis of these concepts.

HIR539 Public Opinion Research

In this course, in addition to discussing the basic concepts and theories related to public opinion polls, a detailed examination of public opinion polls will be made. The course also includes communication studies, advertising and public relations research. In this course, respectively; the concepts of public opinion and research, Communication Research, Quantitative Research Techniques, Qualitative Research Techniques, Public Relations Research, Advertising Research are discussed.

HIR540 Critical Approaches to Public Relations

The theories and approaches of public relations, especially those with a critical dimension, are discussed in detail within the scope of the course. In addition to the liberal paradigm-related part of public relations, it is planned to focus on the anti-liberal paradigm section. It is planned to contribute to the critical dimension of public relations with the studies to be carried out within the scope of the course.

HIR541 Advertising Media

It is aimed that the students will be able to use the conceptual information learned about advertising in practice by gaining information about the sector within the scope of the course. It is aimed to teach the relationship between advertising and marketing by following new developments in advertising.

HIR542 Consumer Behavior

Within the scope of the course, by explaining the basic concepts and models related to consumer behavior, it is aimed to analyze the effects of the psychological, socio-cultural and demographic factors on the consumer decision process and the results correctly. By understanding the importance of consumer behavior for businesses, it is aimed to realize the relationship between consumer behavior and marketing practices.

HIR543 Rhetoric

The aim is to reach the targeted change in the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of the recipient within the framework of the rhetoric course. Attitudes and behaviors that change in the desired direction are an indication of a successful persuasion process. The aim of this course is to enable students to have knowledge about persuasion based on the psychological and scientific data underlying persuasion, and to have the competencies to apply persuasion tactics and methods in their professional lives. The analysis of the concept of rhetoric and persuasive communication processes, which started with Aristotle, will be examined within the scope of this course.

HIR544 Theories of Persuasion

This course aims to teach the basic principles and theories of persuasion. Students of this course will be able to integrate the theory of persuasion with their practice. The course includes topics such as Persuasion Strategies, Public Relations and Persuasion Theories, Persuasion Strategies in Advertising, Persuasion in Consumer Behavior, Persuasion Theory and Models.

HIR545 Propaganda Techniques

It is aimed to understand the propaganda processes and in this way to ask questions about the nature of ideas, discourse and communication within the scope of the course. The course aims to discuss propaganda as a communication tool, to examine the social and cultural implications of propaganda, and to analyze the mechanisms of propaganda in different fields of communication, from everyday conversations to political campaigns.

HIR546 Brand Design and Gamification

Gamification is called a design that keeps the dynamics of the brand vigorous in terms of strategic brand communication. Gamification is the situation of turning a non-game situation into a game using game mechanics. Reaching today's consumers works through the constant updating and renewing of their own strategies by brands. Brand strategies, which are carried out in accordance with the rules of social media, are possible with practices built on games and entertaining the consumer without boring them. The aim of this course is how gamification dynamics and mechanics contribute to creating brand recognition, awareness and at the same time brand loyalty in brand communication studies.

HIR547 Advertising Campaign Design

It is aimed that the students have the necessary knowledge and skills to run a successful advertising campaign with the Advertising Campaign Design course. It covers the strategic planning and management process required to develop and execute an advertising campaign. The course gives importance to practice so that students can fully implement the campaign design processes. It is aimed to teach the design and implementation processes of successful advertising campaigns by performing both individual and group work within the scope of the course.

HIR548 Ethics in Public Relations and Advertising

In the Public Relations and Advertising Ethics course, basic concepts of ethics, ethical approaches, ethical principles, the relationship of ethics with public relations and advertising are covered. The main aim of the course is to enable students to have the awareness of practice and development by adhering to ethical rules.

HIR549 Digital Advertising Practices

The basic strategies used in digital advertising applications are discussed within the scope of this course. The aim of the course is to provide students with information about the basic elements of the digital advertising ecosystem and to understand the innovations brought by digital advertising applications.

HIR550 Digital Public Relations Practices

The course conveys the relationship between the concepts of digital media and public relations and the importance of following technological developments in the communication process. To explain the concept of social media in public relations, what social networks are used in public relations and the applications of interactive technologies used. It is aimed that the students can create digital communication strategies and comprehend consumer and customer relations in the dimension of public relations in the internet and virtual environment within the scope of the course.

HIR551 Crisis Communication and Public Relations

It is aimed to explain the importance of crisis communication in public relations, to increase awareness about crisis management and communication, and to teach ways to provide effective crisis management and communication within the scope of the course. Issues such as Crisis Management, the concept of crisis and public relations approaches are discussed in line with this concept.

HIR552 Digital Marketing Practices

Awareness about the importance of digital marketing practices will be created and the importance of effective use of these applications and the continuity of existence of businesses will be emphasized within the scope of the course. The adaptation of the concept of marketing to the digital environment and how the marketing studies are carried out in the digital environment are examined in detail and transferred to the students with the advancement of technology.

HIR553 Globalization and Advertising

In this course, advertising is discussed as a visible face of the globalization process. Within the scope of the course, the effects of globalization on advertising from the individual scale to the international scale are discussed; the changes and transformations that the globalization process has brought about in the field of advertising are revealed.

HIR554 Public Relations and Tourism

By examining the relationship between public relations, advertising and tourism, the new developments in the marketing mix and new marketing approaches and the usage examples of new marketing approaches in the tourism industry constitute the content of the course.

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