International Relations Doctorate Degree (PhD) - Mission and Vision


The main mission of the PhD Program in International Relations is to train specialists who are capable of both studying global developments in a theoretical perspective and applying the theoretical knowledge to practice. Another important object of the program is to train competent academicians who are specialized in the relevant field(s).

Students, who are academically guided to sub-disciplines such as public diplomacy and political psychology etc., will be capable of finding a specialist position in both public and private sectors thanks to the academic formation offered by the program.

The most distinctive characteristic of our program is that it offers an opportunity for inter-disciplinary specialization. Being a part of a thematic university with primary focus on the discipline of psychology, our program provides students with a unique research environment in research fields such as political psychology or conflict/peace studies.


PhD Program in International Relations, with its highly qualified academic staff specialized in various sub-disciplines of political science and international relations, aims at gaining a solid ground in the relevant field. Making a distinguished scientific contribution to the international relations literature with academic researches is among the major objects of the program.

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