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Visual Communication Design Doctorate Degree (PhD) - Mission and Vision


The main mission of the Visual Communication Design Doctorate Program, which has an interdisciplinary structure, is to train academicians and experts who can synthesize communicative thinking with artistic and design understanding, who can look critically, who are inquisitive, investigative, and open to innovations. With this aspect, the program aims to bring qualified academicians in the field of visual communication design to the academic community and to train professionals who can work successfully in the industry.


Visual Communication Design Doctorate Program is open to innovations and adaptable to developments due to its interdisciplinary character, perspective, and curriculum structure. In this respect, the academicians and professionals trained in the program have the quality to respond not only to the needs of today but also to the future. The curriculum applied in the program has a character that can be updated according to all kinds of changes and developments. The academic staff of the program is also innovative and can adapt to all kinds of developments, changes, and innovations.

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