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First, from Harvard University in 1990. Prof. Gerry Zaltman of functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) device on the agenda with the announcement that they use in marketing research Neuromarketing, in particular spread rapidly in recent years began to be used by large companies in the world within the scope of market research.

Neuroscience and marketing communications as a discipline of nature Nöropazarlama the interaction of Marketing Science major cause of the sector and as preferred, eliminating the results may be misleading to traditional research methods, consumer behavior is actually able to provide what shape it with concrete data.

Neuromarketing, functional magnetic imaging (fMRI), Elektrobe the graph (EEG), Eyetracking like art brain imaging tools with the data obtained from the statistical analysis requires expertise, as interpreted in conjunction with marketing and neuroscientist has taken place in the literature as a field of research.

Neuromarketing, not only as an area of assist in determining the needs of consumers and elections at the same time is a very precious human biological basis of social behavior, a research platform that allows us to test in real life.

Uskudar University, Turkey’s behavior and health sciences is the first and only theme-oriented universities. NPiSTANBUL Hospital, founded in 2007, founder of the university foundation is also Turkey’s first and only Neuropsychiatry hospital.

Uskudar senior technical equipment owned by the University, psychology, neuroscience and established this theme with biomedical experts with communication and marketing specialist academics in the Faculty of Communication in Turkey within the “first” to throwing more signatures Neuromarketing Graduate Program 2014 February as It has opened training.

“Neuromarketing Contact” Master Program, an intensive professional market by growing demand Neuromarketing experts sought, the marketing communications industry bears the aim of providing qualified human resources. The program, with a different approach to the management of marketing and business, to respond to the professional needs in this area, which stakeholders of all decision-making related to Neuromarketing communication professionals who have a say in all strategic decision-making in this area will grow.

The program has been prepared taking into consideration the scientific infrastructure and the needs of our country and neuromarketing practice in the field of marketing communications considering the conditions changing and evolving world economy. For this purpose, the program, in particular:

–Understanding of the human brain,

–The brain and the decision making process of application to the marketing communications industry association,

–Persuasive communication in the human brain and the effect of the message “biological marker” ensure that methods will be displayed with basic information such as,

–All elements of the marketing communications will be associated with all disciplines concerning the mass media,

–With social policies and evaluating the emerging technologies to be examined in detail,

–Yetkinleştiric information on strategic marketing communications planning is integrated with work in the field of neuromarketing

…will be presented.

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