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New Media and Communication Doctorate Degree (PhD) - Mission and Vision


Today's world has been digitalized in every aspect of life. The media and communications industry are also evolving in line with digital technologies. This requires communication education be based on digital as well. The New Media and Communication Ph.D. Program has adopted the mission of educating academics who are both scientifically qualified in the academic field of communication sciences and master new communication technologies. It is among the aims of the program that students conduct comprehensive and in-depth research in the field of new media-oriented communication sciences, to develop projects, to present their theses, thus to contribute to the academic development of communication sciences.


The New Media and Communication Ph.D. Program aims to educate future communication scientists with a digital media-oriented perspective. In a world surrounded by digital communication technologies, the dominance of the new media can be clearly seen in both academia and the sector. Based on this visionary perspective, the New Media and Communication Ph.D. Program has set the academics and professionals of the future to carry it into the field of communication, and to progress in an academic track compatible with our age. The New Media and Communication Ph.D. Program has set itself a vision to be among the leading universities in a short time with the quality of education it provides.

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