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Applied Psychology Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


It is aimed to provide information to students in order to help them evaluate themselves as individuals, his / her dynamics as a family and in societies as well as the humanity as a citizen and the world by presenting a curriculum that will increase the awareness with different theoretical and methodical lectures. Especially, the most basic structure in the development of technological development is derived through the human mind. Rapidly growing knowledge shapes the needs of people and allows solutions in accordance. The aim of our program is to ensure that students from different disciplines can integrate psychological dynamics into their own specializations. Whichever scientific branch we refer to it is impossible for the scientist not to be influenced by the concept of being and be a person who makes this consciousness in the end. For this reason, while the existence of a psychological subdivision is a resource that can be utilized by all branches of science, psychology is proceeding with more confident steps towards understanding human beings in the light of developing technology and science. It is aimed to be a program that will enable our students to see both scientific thinking and human beings as a whole with all branches of science.


It aims to enable people to understand themselves and their environment in their own life journeys. Having a healthy production and interaction depends on the importance that a teacher gives to education, from the viewpoint of a police officer to a suicide, from the perspective where an academician understands the universe, to the journey of self-realization of a white collar to discover the place of man in his own journey. Regardless of the discovery of this journey, it begins with the person’s own understanding of self. This program awaits our students who want to recognize their journey and reflect on their lives.

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