International Relations Doctorate Degree (PhD) - About

What is International Relations PhD Program?

The interrelations between the actors of international politics, namely states, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations and individuals, have become deeper and more complex with the impact of globalization. Accordingly, the developing discipline of International Relations is adopting new approaches in addition to the basic scientific approaches and increasing ties with different disciplines each passing day. Transformations at the global level bring about a greater need for experts to explain the subjects in this field. Especially for Turkey, a country which witnesses often a new event taking place, experts in the field is essential both to cope with the problems and to provide quality formation. In this direction, our program aims to train International Relations researchers and academicians who will closely follow the developments in world politics and blend them with their academic knowledge. The Ph.D Program in International Relations is planned to be an interdisciplinary program by covering the subfields within the discipline of international relations. It aims to create research opportunities in sub-branches such as international relations theories, international political economy, foreign policy analysis, regional studies.

Who can apply to International Relations Doctorate Program?

To be able to apply to the program, it is a prerequisite to graduate from programs related to international relations, political science and international relations and political science, or from any master's program with thesis in the field of social sciences. Accordingly, in addition to international relations, political science and international relations and political science programs, those who have a master's degree with thesis from one of the fields such as sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, history, economics, law, communication, etc. can also be admitted to the International Relations PhD Program. However, students who apply to the program from any social science program other than the programs within the scope of international relations and are accepted to the program will be given scientific preparation courses from the International Relations master's program within Üsküdar University. Candidates can only apply with their ALES score, undergraduate and master’s degree and language score.

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