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Graduate School of Social Sciences - Uskudar University Research Groups

There are 11 Master's and 4 Doctorate programs In our Graduate School of Social Sciences, In addition to the education program designed at high standards and designed together by  academicians working in the faculties of our university, the activities of 13 of the 44 research centers established with the cooperation of different scientific disciplines are carried out by the academicians from the graduate and doctoral programs in our Graduate School.

In these research centers where our academics are actively conducting research, many graduate and doctorate students prepare their theses and research.

Child’s Mental Health Research Group

Epidemiological Research Group

Visual Studies Research Group

Faculty of Communication Project Group

Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy

Medical Visual Design Technologies

Political Science and International Relations Group

Sociology Department Group

Measurement Tool Development and Adaptation in Social Sciences Research Group

Social Innovation Projects Research Group

Therapeutic Brain Mapping and Neurotechnology Research Group

Society and Communication Research Group

The Media and Urban Research Working Group

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