Turkey's Phy-gital University Uskudar

Our university, which made a breakthrough in distance education by rapidly realizing digitalization in a period of global changes and transformations in all areas of life, synthesizes both physical and digital education in the in the most effective way in the heart of Istanbul, Üsküdar, opening the doors of a brand new understanding in higher education.

We would like to declare as Üsküdar University's administration, academic, and administrative staff following;

1. Within the framework of the concept of "New University", we will structure all the opportunities offered by digitalization in a way that contributes to the development of our students in order to create a culture that will enable our students to equip them with the skills they will need in the future.

2. In this context, we will implement the concept of "Phygital University" by synthesizing both physical, and digital education in the most effective way. We believe that there will be distance education but education will be not remotely.

3. In the digitalizing world, we will design our education, and training life in a dynamic, result-oriented, and flexible manner, with the awareness of the importance of humanitarian skills, and analysis capability that will allow the processing of increasingly emerging data.

4. We will be the representatives of a more libertarian, democratic, and participatory management approach in order to develop creative, and innovative thinking, and support intellectual production.

5. In addition to teaching, we will demonstrate positive leadership in a low-density hierarchical environment in a guiding way in the road maps that our students will build for themselves, with senior, and experienced scientists, personalized courses, and additional developer programs for our students.

6. We will ensure that each student receives an internationally recognized diploma, as well as digital certificates with the program pool we will establish.

7. With advanced, motivating online course environments, we will make it possible for a sensible campus life, where socialization is at the forefront, and projects are produced with experienced academicians. We are aware that applied sciences are not only science but also art. We care about master-apprentice cooperation at the university.

8. We will continuously invest in enriching the course content with virtual, and augmented reality applications, and solutions offered by artificial intelligence.

9. With our own human resources blended, and expanded e-library, we will open a research environment based on easy access to international resources for the development, and service of our students.

10. In preparing our students for the future, we will be an integrated university with the world in which we live so that our students can have an experience that will contribute to society, easily adapting to the environment of uncertainty by strengthening our consulting structure for their motivation, and concentration.