Üsküdar University Logo

Turquoise Color:  The reason we choose turquoise color; Blue represents infinity, green represents health. The color turquoise is used in holistic medicine as it has healing and tranquilizer effect. Being a University representing behavioral sciences, turquoise color is preferred for this purpose.

4 Lines; Represents the 4 main principles of our University; Criticizable, Liberalism, Pluralism and Participation. As a University, we give importance to democracy and we express it in our logo.

The Maiden’s Tower; For this reason, the Maiden's Tower, which is thought to represent the grace of youthfulness, the compassion of the family, the excitement of youth, the guidance of science, is in our logo.

Üsküdar; It represents the center of knowledge, culture and art, the intersection of wisdom of nature, western philosophy and the conquest of Istanbul.