ABRSM(Mother Infant Mental Health Research and Application Center)-About

Mother Infant Mental Health Research and Application Center (MIMHRAC) was established in Üsküdar University on 21 October 2019 with the regulation of Official Gazette No: 30925.

Areas where Üsküdar University MIMHRAC plans to contribute:

a) Informing and raising awareness of the importance of pregnancy, infancy and early childhood (0-3 years) for policy makers, health workers, families, mothers and other infants

b) Demonstrating the importance of the psychological, emotional and physical needs of mothers and infants by conducting research in cooperation with the disciplines working in the field of mother-baby health

c) Developing measures to protect the mental health of babies and their mothers with relevant institutions, preparing action plans for intervention and implementation of these plans when necessary

d) Ensuring the integration of screening services, especially depression, into general health services as early as possible for early diagnosis and treatment of perinatal mental illnesses

e) Ensuring that mother-infant mental health services are integrated into mother-baby health programs currently being carried out in our country

f) Integrating the mother-infant mental health services with child health services

g) Ensuring that they are addressed through an integrated care program for both the mother and the baby since the mental health of the mother and the physical development of the baby, in particular the feeding of the baby, are inseparably linked

h) Preventing maternal suicide, one of the leading causes of pregnancy-related deaths

i) Reducing infant mortality, growth and developmental delay by ensuring timely diagnosis and treatment of maternal depression during prenatal and postnatal periods

j) Ensuring the implementation of effective and appropriate approaches to helping women with mental health problems within the scope of primary health care

k) Giving attention to the psychosocial and emotional needs of infants for the best physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social development of children

Areas of Activity

a) Working in support of social policies that will strengthen mother and infant mental health in parallel with the common goals and activities of the relevant public institutions and organizations in compliance with national and social policies, and to implement and / or develop strategic action plans in parallel with these policies.

b) Providing education and counseling services to prevent, prevent, educate, develop, guide and rehabilitate mental health of mother and infant.

c) Providing training programs for health professionals and educators working in the field of mother and infant health.

d) Organizing national activities such as Mother and Infant Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

e) Organizing training and certificate programs and support groups for pregnancy planning and follow-up for women with mental illnesses, providing online or telephone consultancy services on certain days and hours.

f) Conducting research, application and publication activities in cooperation with national and international institutions and organizations.

g) Sharing the studies carried out within the Center through academic publications, training, conferences, seminars and workshops.

h) Participating in national and international related professional seminars, conferences, symposiums and organizing similar programs.

i) Carrying out project, academic research and clinical practice studies to protect the physical, psychological and social health of pregnant women with mental illness in society; to train the necessary cadres to carry out similar studies.

j) Investigating and examining the specific aspects of mother and infant mental health in Turkish culture.

k) Examining the effects of global process and media on maternal and infant mental health.

l) Using scales, questionnaires, etc. for use in studies that improve mother and infant mental health. Developing assessment tools.

m) Carrying out broadcasting activities to raise public awareness, and to conduct distance education for relevant individuals as well as live programs. Preparing informative documents within the scope of the website and providing a platform for questions and answers for this purpose.

n) Performing other activities determined by the Rector and / or Board of Trustees within the scope of the Center or decided by the Board of Directors of Üsküdar University.

Academic Trainings:

Training will be provided for academic staff, undergraduate and graduate students, research staff, those who want to develop questionnaires and analyze data, and health professionals involved in the treatment of mental illnesses, and those who experience mental problems during the perinatal period. In this way, academic and strategic guidance on the process will be provided to the individuals and institutions that conduct research in the field and in need of guidance.

1. Basic Perinatal Mental Problems Education

2. Psychotherapy Training in Perinatal Period

3. Perinatal Research Methods Training

4. Treatment Approaches in Perinatal Period

5. Mental Counseling Training in Perinatal Period

6. Mother-Infant Connection Training

7. Basic Baby Mental Health Education

8. Game Therapy Training

9. Baby Massage Training

10. TMS Applications Training in Perinatal Period

11. Perinatal Diagnosis and Evaluation Tools Training