The suspension of the studies can be actualized if the student holds a valid reason accepted by the Board of Directors. Here are the accepted principles in regards to suspension of the studies:

a) Unpredictable issues such as disease, natural disasters, study abroad, military enlistment and when students willingly ask the Board of Directors to allow the suspension once for maximum two semesters. However, this period cannot exceed four semesters in bachelors and two semesters in masters.
b) Students should complete the suspension of studies application form first and afterwards get the approval from the Financial Affairs Director and then the related Dean/Directorate.

c) The students who request to suspend the studies, should add the relevant documents that are relevant to their reasons to suspend; medical report, military service documents, disaster document by civilian authority and documents that prove the study abroad.
ç) Students who suspend their studies will not be allowed to attend any classes and/or take any exams during this period.
d) Should there be a mandatory reason to suspend the studies during the semester, then suspension of the studies will be considered to be started from the beginning of the year.
e) The suspended time period will not be included in the education period.
f) Students who suspend their studies should fulfill their financial obligations. Principles related to financial liabilities are determined by the Board of Trustees.

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s students will keep paying their annual costs. Half of the semester's tuition fee will be charged as “Suspension of the Studies Cost” and the other half of the tuition fee will be deducted from the cost the semester they continue their studies. Therefore, they will fulfill their financial obligations.
  • Master’s students will continue to pay their tuition costs when they suspend their studies. If there occurs to be a difference in the tuition costs, the master’s students are obliged to pay the difference.