Honorary Doctorate Degrees Dr. Alain Gregorie

Who is Dr Alain Gregoire?

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Dr. Alain Gregorie 

Dr. Alain Gregorie is Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton.

He began his postgraduate medical training in obstetrics, but his observations on the illest women, who also received the worst care, were those with mental health problems, and he switched to psychiatry. He completed his training at the Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry in London.

Dr. Gregoire has been a senior consultant for 25 years at the UK National Health Service specializing in Mother and Baby Mental Health. He is currently a member of NHS England - Transformation Board for Perinatal Mental Health. He is a member of the NICE Guideline Development Group for Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health and has contributed to the development of policy, guidance, and clinical services in the UK and abroad. He is the founding president of the United Kingdom and Ireland Marcé Society (UKIMS), established for perinatal research.

He set up and leads the national award-winning Hampshire Perinatal Mental Health Service (Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service and specialist Mother and Baby Mental Health Unit).

It provides comprehensive integrated community and inpatient services to women with severe mental health problems in pregnancy and postnatally. Dr Gregoire and his team were awarded the Doctor of the Year and the Mental Health Team of the Year award for their work.

He is the founder and president of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance that includes the 90-strong coalition of UK organizations. Maternal Mental Health Alliance is built with the vision to see all women across the UK get access to consistent and quality care and support for their mental health during pregnancy and postnatally for a year.

Dr Gregoire has been the key person who generated this solidarity. “Everyone’s Business” campaign was initiated by this alliance as it aims to make the society accept that the issues of women suffering from mental problems in the perinatal period, is a problem that concerns the whole country.

The need for specialized maternal mental health centers was revealed due to this campaign. The loss of £ 8.1 billion due to mothers' inability to access mental health services in the UK was brought to the agenda with the detailed economic analysis. Given this campaign, the UK National Health Service announced an investment of £ 365 million in 2016 in order to enable more women and families across the country to access specialized basic perinatal services. After this investment, the UK National Health Service has established and provided specialized centers where maternal mental health services were not available and enabled women to access this vital service within their region. The developments of this service can be monitored at https://maternalmentalhealthalliance.org .

Dr Gregoire is determined to ensure that all women have access to care for their mental health which is at least as good as the care available for their physical health in pregnancy and postnatally both nationally and internationally.

In September 2016, he led the process to establish Global Alliance for Maternal Mental Health during International Marcé Society Scientific Congress in Melbourne. Global Alliance for Maternal Mental Health is a coalition of 17 international organizations which aim to improve the mental health and well-being of women and babies during the first year after pregnancy and maternity. The number of international organizations participating in this coalition is constantly increasing. Under the leadership of Dr Gregoire, this association aims to generate a global impact by conducting studies in the UK on an international level, thus ensuring that mothers and their children do not suffer the pain that can be prevented.

Dr Gregoire has conducted research into perinatal services, the mental health of mothers in prisons and other aspects of perinatal mental health. He has published articles in this subject and books on other aspects of medicine. He has participated in the production of TV shows, films, and books in both fiction and documentary content. He was the producer of ‘My baby, psychosis and me’ documentary, which won the ‘Best Documentary’ award at Royal Television Society awards.

In collaboration with Üsküdar University; Alain Gregoire aims to spread the message of Global Alliance Maternal Mental Health in Turkey and the Turkic Republics as well as to activate this union further with the participation of our country.

SOURCES : https://maternalmentalhealthalliance.org


The proposal, to present an “Honorary Doctorate” degree to Dr. Alain Gregoire for his global activities and scientific studies in the fields of maternal and infant mental health, has been submitted at Üsküdar University Senate meeting held on Thursday, August 29, 2019.