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18 Sept 2023


SINGLE COURSE EXAMSDear Students,Students who wish to take a single course exam should submit their application petitions along with transcripts signed by their advisors, indicating their eligibility, to the School Directorate between September 18 and 25, 2023.The exams for students approved by their advisors to take single course exams will be held on Thursday, September 28, 2023, at 15:00 in Emir Nebi-1 Conference Hall.We wish all students success in their exams.tekders-dilekce-ornegi.doc *Since Single Course Exam petitions will not be responded to, it is necessary to contact the instructor of the relevant course for the application results.

11 Sept 2023


Students whose Double Major Program (DMP) Application is accepted must come to the Çarşı Student Affairs Directorate until 18.09.2023 for the "Double Major Program Enrollment Approval" and submit the Double Major Program Approval Requestor and OSYM Score Card.ÇAP Onay Dilekçisi için tıklayınız.pdfApplications of students with a GANO of 3.75 and above, outside the program in which they can apply for Double Major, will be evaluated individually by the senate. Our students, whose application results will be presented to the Senate of our University, must come to Çarşı Student Affairs Directorate and submit the attached form and ÖSYM Score Cards by 18.09.2023. If there are students on the main list who have not registered by 18.09.2023, students from the reserve list will be invited to register as of 20.09.2023.Students who are on the main list in one program and the waitlist in another program have the right to register until 19.09.2023. If they do not receive a turn from the program in which they are on the reserve list until 19.09.2023, they will not lose their registration rights to the program in which they were originally placed and will be able to register on 20.09.2023.Exemption procedures for common courses in the DAP program curriculum, among the courses that registered students have successfully completed in the major program, will be made automatically under the control of the DMP advisors.You can inquire about your DMP Application result using your TR ID number from the link below: (2) Students who benefit from the scholarships or discounts specified in the “Üsküdar University Scholarship Directive” in the major program also benefit from these rights in the program they do DMP. The scholarship period of the student who graduated from the major program but could not complete the double major program may be extended by one (1) year, the maximum period specified for the major in the Scholarship Directive.

11 Sept 2023


Our students must complete their financial and student affairs registration procedures between 12-18 September 2023, between 09:30-17:00.NOTE: Students must first come to the Çarşı Campus Registrar's Office with their ÖSYM scorecard and ÖSYM placement documents within the specified date ranges, fill out a petition declaring that they approve their internal transfers, and then go to the financial affairs unit for financial registration procedures.You can inquire about your horizontal transfer application result using the link below using your TR ID number:

Vocational School of Health Services (SHMYO)

It aims to train health personnel in accordance with the needs of our country. These staff will provide sound quality health care service between physician and patient. For this purpose, the quality of the education offered to our students also allows for the vertical transition of our students to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

We are aware that the quality of health services is closely related to the quality of the health personnel. In such a case, the community will be able to receive great quality in health care. This issue has become more prominent over the ten years of progress in our country’s health sector with progress and achievements. It is imperative to educate the staff who can use new technological developments and who have good communication with the patient.

Vocational School of Health Services’ Graduates

We receive feedback about how our services provided by the hospitals in our institutions are satisfactory, where health services are provided. We are delighted for this. This is very crucial for our school’s and students’ future.

Vocational School of Health Sciences and Applications

Üsküdar University Vocational School of Health Sciences, aside from qualified theoretical education, benefit from their laboratories as well as the Faculty of Health Sciences’ laboratories, where are situated in the same building. In addition, same benefits are obtained from NP Brain Hospital and Medical Center that operate within the body of Üsküdar University, and some University Hospitals and Public Education and Research Hospitals in Istanbul.

Üsküdar Çarşı Campus

Vocational School of Health Services (VSHS), Çarşı Campus/Üsküdar (Address: Mimar Sinan Mah. Selman-ı Pak Cad. İsmail Dümbüllü Sok. No:4 34664 Üsküdar-İSTANBUL / TURKEY)

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