About Information Technologies

PURPOSE: Ensures that all our students and academic and administrative staff benefit most efficiently from advanced and contemporary computer services, establishes the necessary computer and technological infrastructure for this purpose, carries out all the activities without compromising the quality by adapting to the developing technology and organizes the support and training activities.

MISSION: Follows the technological developments at the highest level; forms and operates all kinds of information processing infrastructure in system, software, web, network and hardware areas, supports education, trainings and researches and fulfills the other information processing services that our university will need in the future.

VISION: By following the developments in Information Technologies, students, academicians and administrative staff in our University, it provides all the communication facilities required by the age; provides students with maximum benefit from information technology in terms of user satisfaction and service quality and diversity throughout university education and fulfills the needs of the field of information completely.

For Detailed Information: //bt.uskudar.edu.tr 

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