About Editorial Department and Archive

It is the unit responsible for carrying out the official correspondence, keeping and archiving of the official and non-university official correspondence.

Areas of Responsibility;

  • Prepares daily papers, money orders, paperwork follow-up,
  • Distribution and registration of the Board of Trustees, University Executive Board, University Senate decisions,
  • Ensures compliance with the decisions of the Faculty, Institute, University Council and the resolutions of the Board of Directors, University Senate and the University Administrative Board,
  • Conducts written correspondence regarding the supervision of the Higher Education Council,
  • Prepares and follows-up of the Rectorate correspondence on the Higher Education Council and Institutions,
  • Execution of correspondence between the universities,
  • Prepares the University Activity Report,
  • Takes active role with the relevant units, carrying out the changes and publishing processes in the regulations and directives issued by the University
  • Initiatives to ensure conformity of universities' correspondence to universally accepted correspondence rules,
  • Archives a sequence of all external correspondences of the University,
  • Conducts all written documents, petitions and initial registration of the application to the University,

The Secretaries of the Faculty, Secretaries of the Institute and Vocational Schools Secretaries shall be responsible for the responsibilities of the Director of Editorial Office and Archive, as well as the relevant unit supervisors, in order to ensure that the work is carried out on a single basis.

EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT AND ARCHIVE E-MAIL: uuyaziisleri@uskudar.edu.tr