Non-Interventional Research Ethics Board – Our Ethics Boards

Non-Interventional Research Ethics Board

All of the following are included such as researches to be carried out with all non-drug observational studies, questionnaires, interviews, focus group studies, retrospective archive scanning, collection material such as blood, urine, tissue, genetic material, EEG or radiological image or material obtained during routine examination, examination and treatment procedures, Cell or tissue culture study, gene therapy research (not for therapeutic purposes), research involving nursing activities, diet study with food additives, research on body physiology such as exercise, anthropometric measurement study and evaluation of life habits, which do not require the direct intervention of a physician.

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Clinical Research Ethics Board

Our Clinical Research Ethics Board evaluates the applications to be made from inside and outside of our University from scientific and ethical perspectives in line with the Regulation on Clinical Research published by the Ministry of Health, Turkish Medicines and Medical Device Authority.

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Animal Research Ethics Board

All kinds of projects and/or studies involving scientific research on experimental animals in vivo or in vitro must apply to this board. Applications for projects without board approval are not accepted.