About Üsküdar Uni. - What Kind of University?

Üsküdar University;

  • protects and develops the personal and social psychological health of our country in areas of the resource management of health, society, history and culture.
  • builds up training, teaching, research and practice programs for learners mastering modern human oriented technology.
  • adds value to the regional development setting a good example and envisions being a globally leading University.
  • meets the global standards.
  • contributes to the socio-economic and cultural structure of our country and provides educational opportuities and research at an international level especially in the areas of science, health, tourism, history and the management of cultural resources.
  • leads in setting a good example by contributing to urban and regional development regarding our country's natural, cultural, economic and social needs and important position and with its training, teaching, research and practice programs of high quality mastering modern technology,
  • has academic objectives to seek solutions on the health problems of humanity and especially of our region by using the sources in the most productive way and improving academic programs to meet the variable needs of Turkey.
  • is a modern, researching, participatory, science producing University, focusing on Turkey's natural and cultural resources and adding value to the country's tourism, agricultural, social and economic assets.