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29 Sept 2022

dentistry weekly program "2022 fall" (6 week)

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31 Aug 2022


horizontal transferStudents are required to come with the  documents wich are required for registration.Principal Registration Date: 15.08.2022 – 26.08.2022Backup Registration Date: 29.08.2022 – 07.09.2022Note: After the main registration dates are completed, substitute students will be called for registration as much as the remaining quota.Horizontal transfer from foreign higher education institutions to domestic ones(6) (Additional: OG-18/3/2016-29657) In lateral transfer from higher education institutions abroad, the number of students who can transfer to each class of a program from the same higher education institution abroad cannot exceed 15 percent of the foreign quota of the relevant class of that program. In the calculation of 15 percent, numbers below 1 are rounded up to 1. If the part after the comma is less than 5, it is rounded to the lower integer, and if it is 5 and above, it is rounded to the upper integer.

31 Aug 2022



Frequently Asked Questions about Üsküdar University Faculty of Dentistry

“Being Human, Being a Dentist, Being Happy”

Uskudar University, which was established to be an exemplary universal university with world-class education and training, has aimed for scientific, quality, and contemporary education since its establishment. Our University, which is growing by increasing its experience and equipment in the field of Behavioral and Health Sciences every year, has become an institution that trains competent, dynamic, and professional health scientists in our country.

The Faculty of Dentistry, which started it's education in the academic year of 2021-2022, aims to add new dimensions to the classical recipe of the dentistry profession with its unique perspective, approaches, and educational programs. The Faculty of Dentistry, which will build up the balance between "Being human, being a good dentist and being happy" in support of the rich accumulation of the Uskudar University, aims to train the dentists of the future, not just contemporary dentists.

“Living the Age, Building the Future”

*preventive dentistry; in our country, preventive dentistry information is given in different disciplines in the faculties of dentistry of universities; but independent, self-sustaining, and integrity science and protocols are not treated as a designated clinical discipline. Dentistry, which is in a strategic position in terms of individual and public health, cannot be applied with an independent and holistic approach. If an independent discipline of dentistry is trained, much more contributions will be made to individuals and public health.

One of the most important goals underlined by the concept of modern medicine is to ensure the attendance of the state of health. Many new study/research topics have emerged around this topic and increased the role within the vision of modern medicine. The introduction of Preventive Dentistry as an independent branch of science and clinical practice in terms of this renewed overall medical vision is an element that should not be overlooked in terms of contemporary medicine understanding.

*software and Robotic Systems in Dentistry: The point of virtual informatics systems and robotic systems' capabilities in producing value, data, business, and products have made these systems one of the most important stakeholders of all branches of science. With this acceleration, most of the products and services produced in dentistry will be carried out by CAD-supported applications and robotic systems.

For this reason, dentists have to know the scientific and cognitive flow of the virtual process, from computer program software to CAD applications and CAM production. Very soon, the researcher/manufacturer teams behind these systems will be the real mentors of dentistry. To train the dentists of the future, one of the most important disciplines of dentistry education today is Informatics and Robotic Systems in Dentistry.

* Dentistry Basic Art Education: Dentistry is a professional discipline that incorporates the most important elements of basic art formation such as visual memory, aesthetic intuition, and motor ability. However, there is no independent training approach to bringing this formation to dentistry training programs. Dentist candidates are tried to be trained with the company of information given by faculty members who are not experts in the subject and through the individual effort of the student through trial and error. In dentistry education, aesthetic intuition and plastic ability must be given within basic fine arts education methods and by experts in a holistic course discipline. The content and topics of this course should be determined jointly by the disciplines of painting and sculpture education, anatomy, anthropology, and cephalometry.

Basic Medicine Education is given to a limited extent in dentistry education. This makes limited medical education inadequate with the enrichment of service content, the expansion of its boundaries, and the increasing use of interventional methods. In the near future, this inadequacy will become even more dramatic and will lead to discussions about the powers and responsibilities of the dentist.

One of the future trends is that the bandwidth of the elderly population will expand much more. This development should not be overlooked in terms of dentistry as much as other medical disciplines. Scientific studies and clinical applications to solve the problems that may be encountered in oral dental health initiatives in the elderly population should be examined. Though this issue should also be underlined in the designs of the dentistry training program.



Content of the Faculty of Dentistry Curriculum

Uskudar University Faculty of Dentistry, which set out with the aim of training the dentists of the future, builds up the original education program in line with the following principles in light of the above findings:

1.  Basic medical education in dentistry education is combined with the education of the Faculty of Medicine.

2. Basic Art education has been made an independent course discipline by fine arts faculty members.

3. Preventive Dentistry and Informatics & Robotic Systems and Geriatric Dentistry are considered independent and enriched courses.

4. The relationship between being human, being a good physician, and being happy has been identified as one of the basic principles of the education program of the Faculty of Dentistry in support of Uskudar University's rich accumulation in behavioral and health sciences. It was underlined that being a happy physician with being a happy person is one of the most important stakeholders of professional life and it is aimed to inform and canalize the student in this direction.

A controversial, evidence-based education will be given at Uskudar University Faculty of Dentistry. The aim is to give students an understanding that can lay the scientific foundation.

Due to the weight of the training program of the Faculty of Dentistry, where the courses where students will develop their skills (sports, music, painting, etc.) are planned to be opened as "elective courses", the business-oriented subjects required for clinical management will be discussed with seminars.

Uskudar University Faculty of Dentistry education program is an original program with these features. The program, which was build up within the framework of the principles to be implemented for the first time in dentistry education, was designed under the criteria of the program such as Bologna, YÇÇ, The National Qualification in order to prevent problems that may encounter. The program will be developed and matured every year with follow-ups and feedbacks carried out during the school year.


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