Duties of the project, research, application, training and development (PARGE) coordinator; In conjunction with the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), it is necessary to ensure that the following TTO service modules are carried out, assess academic performance and enable faculty members to benefit from academic incentives.

Academic Incentives;

Üsküdar University Academic Incentives; According to the Scientific Incentive Assessment Directive (see Forms). Faculty members who wish to benefit from academic encouragement must fill in the PARGE Performance Score Request Form from the forms tab and deliver it to the TTO Secretariat. (https://uskudar.edu.tr/tr/sayfa/29/proje-arastirma-uygulama-egitim-ve-gelistirme-parge-formlar)

Congress Payments:

Congress fees are paid to the faculty members who offer papers in the Congress again under the incentive directive. The "Congress payments" tab describes how to make an expense request.

Academic Performance Evaluation:

Performance evaluation and follow-up of the academic staff is done through the Activity Tracking System (ATS) (fts.uskudar.edu.tr). Academic performance indicators (publications, books, projects, congress participation, etc.) of faculty members should be recorded in this system.

Scientific Project Application;

It is sufficient for our staff who wish to apply for scientific projects or who want to be involved in any project to register with the ATS system and submit project applications to the TTO secretariat. The TTO secretariat initiates the application approval process. To prepare the budget for the projects, the TTO accounting unit can also be of help.

In case the faculty members want to establish a scientific business association with non-university institutions, the project application form on the TTO website must first be completed by the project proposing institution. (PARGE). After completing this form, the process of preparing the protocol is passed.

University-Industry Business Association: Our faculty members who wish to take part in such projects must apply to the TTO secretariat to initiate approval process and protocol preparation processes.

Patent Service:

The application of intellectual property that will be subject to patent or registration is made by the university according to the patent law. Firstly, the patent-registration request form on EBYS (https://ebys.uskudar.edu.tr/enVision/Portal.aspx) must be filled. When the form is filled, the patenting process is presented to the university and the patenting process is started only if the University approves it. For more information, please visit parge website.

TTO Service Modules

Detailed information: tto.uskudar.edu.tr

Module 1

Awareness, Publicity and Education

This module is aimed at ensuring that information and research results are transformed into a commercial product by combining academic research results of the industry with the academic knowledge produced in the university, industry, researchers and students research-development activities, innovation, project supports and intellectual industrial property rights, the purpose of technology transfer, publicity and training activities on methods and outcomes, the problems and needs of industrial firms, academic resources of the university, introduction to researchers and students, conduct infrastructure studies on the creation of an effective university-industry cooperation, create awareness and to provide necessary trainings.

Module 2

Project Support and Development

Investigation of project support to create resources for research projects; provide contribution support for the application, management of projects to various fund-grants programs, aim to provide development support, and consultancy services in pre-and post-application phases of projects. Support provided to academicians, researchers, students and industrial companies to achieve this aim;

  • Obtaining Project Resource (Grant, Fund, etc.)
  • Project Management
  • Development-Orientation
  • Coordination

Module 3

University-Industry Business Association

Transforming academic knowledge produced in the university and the academic field for the research results into commercial products, similarly, this module aims to provide cooperation between the industry and the university in order to move the industrial field to the academic area for the elimination of the needs and problems of the industry, It is the basis of the process of incorporation and entrepreneurship by improving the interface function of the transfer offices.

Module 4

Intellectual Rights-Licensing

The creation of the necessary structures for the protection of intellectual property in the scope of the management and licensing module of intellectual and industrial rights, and in the projects that are conducted jointly with the industry, the development of the rights to increase the number of invention notices and activities aimed at establishing the appropriate environment for the commercialization of the discovered inventions.

Module 5

Incorporation and Entrepreneurship

The incorporation and entrepreneurship module, academic information and research results, innovative ideas and products for the commercial value of the product to be translated into the product of the academician, researcher, student or the intellectual of the project with the quality of R&D people who own this idea or in conjunction with the protection of the product, the idea is to have knowledge in the field of commercialization and entrepreneurship aimed at commercialization of the product, gain awareness and support them in order to operate in these areas.

Detailed information: https://www.brainpark.net/