Horizontal Transition - Non-institutional Horizontal Transition

Horizontal Transfer Support Scholarship

Students who have a horizontal transfer to our university, students who have any scholarships or discounts at their university, and the students who transfer from the State University are provided with scholarship support at up to 75%.

Scholarships are determined by the Board of Trustees by taking into consideration the previous scholarship status and the base score of the student.

Furthermore, 10% scholarship support is provided in addition to the scholarship if the weighted grade point average in the student's school is between 3,50 and 4,00.

Students who have had significant scientific work in their own school, have developed social responsibility projects, or have actively participated in school teams can get 10% extra support scholarship if they certify them and if the scholarship committee finds it appropriate.

Deadline for Application: 8 February 2019 

Uskudar University inter-institutional horizontal transition application and registration conditions

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  • Click for Online pre-application form. (When this form is filled, information is given on the phone in the form of scholarship rates etc. For the official application, you must apply to the Department of Student Affairs  with the following application documents.)

Horizontal Transition with Central Placement Score

The student can apply for a transfer, including the preparatory class, if the central placement score of the student at the time of registration is equal to or higher than the base score of the diploma program he/she wishes to pass. In our country and in the TRNC (applications can be made only for the fall semester from the universities in the TRNC). Student Selection and Placement System Applicants who have enrolled in higher education institutions in the Guidelines for Higher Education Programs and Quotas can apply. Candidates enrolled in other higher education institutions abroad cannot apply.

Click here for the Implementation Guidelines of the Council of Higher Education Horizontal Transition with Central Placement Score.

*Within this scope, horizontal transfer applications are accepted for the associate degree programs in the Spring semester as well as for the Undergraduate Departments.

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Documents Required for Application

  1. Application form
  2. Student certificate
  3. Transcript
  4. ÖSYS result certificate (Score Card and Placement Certificate of the year in which the student registered)
  5. Document indicating the disciplinary status (if the disciplinary status is indicated on the transcript, no further documents are required)
  6. School certified photocopy of high school diploma
  7. Course Plan
  8. Course contents
  9. For applications to be made from abroad, the equivalence certificate of Higher education institution recognized by the Higher Education Council.

Applications are made to the Department of Student Affairs . Applications are reviewed by the committees of the relevant faculties and eligible students are entitled to complete the registration.

Students who are transitioning to the Emergency and First Aid program should have a report certifying that they have a body structure and mental health that does not interfere with obtaining driving licenses from medical faculties of universities or state hospitals before final registration; they must have completed 17 years of age at the time of registration due to the necessity of using the vehicle in the 2nd class according to the program; he height should not be less than 1.65 for male students and 1.60 for female students, the weight should be in between of maximum 5 more and not less than 15 compared to the last two digits of the height expressed in centimeters; due to rescue and transportation work, they need to have physical competence to carry a patient in stretcher with their teammate. Height and weight status should be stated in the health report to be taken.

If it is determined that the documents and information provided by the students who have made the final registration are not correct, the relations with the Higher Education Institution shall be terminated as soon as they are determined no matter the semester. If the said students are separated from the Higher Education Institutions, all the documents given to them (including the diploma) will be canceled and legal action will be taken on their rights.