Diploma Supplement (DS)

The Diploma Supplement (DS) accompanies a higher education diploma, providing a standardized description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies completed by its holder. 

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is an annex, an explanatory note attached to a diploma awarded by a higher education institution. 

Diploma Supplement, not only helps the definition of the phases of the graduates’ education understood by different education systems but also gives detailed information about the degrees, levels and vocational competencies of the graduate. 

Üsküdar University Diploma Supplement is being issued in a widely spoken european language (English) and given automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation. 

For students, the Diploma Supplement offers:

  • A diploma that is more readable and easily comparable abroad
  • A precise description of their academic career and the competencies acquired during the study period
  • An objective description of their achievements and competencies
  • Easier access to opportunities of work or further studies abroad
  • It fosters their employability