Scholarships and Tuition Fee - Master Degree Scholarships

Scholarships and Discounts offered to Master Degree Students 

Sibling Scholarship 
Siblings who are students of Üsküdar University (including graduates’ siblings) receive 10% discount each.

Institution Scholarship 
During signing up for any undergraduate programs of Üsküdar University, following candidates receive 10% discount: members of and children of members of Turkish Army, Police Department, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, University and National Education, those who are subject to 657 and their children.

Special Deprivation Scholarship 
50 % scholarship to those who rose in the dormitories of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, those who grew up without a father and mother during primary school period, and children of martyrs and veterans receive 25% discount.

Graduate Scholarship 
Those who graduated from any undergraduate program in Üsküdar University and enrolled in one of the graduate programs receive 50% discount (excluding Clinical Psychology Program). 
Students in the top 10 of the graduation degree list of Psychology and Psychology (English) Departments and enrolled in Clinical Psychology Program receive 50% discount from tuition fee. Rest of the graduates enrolled in Clinical Psychology Program receive 30% discount from tuition fee. 

Personnel Scholarship 
Employees of Üsküdar University or NP Group and their first degree relatives (mother, father, spouse, children) and their siblings receive 50% discount. At the time of the final registration to Üsküdar University, a 25% discount is given to the academic staff and the parents, spouse, children and siblings who have completed one year of tuition.

Grade Scholarship
Those who graduates from another university other than Üsküdar Üniversitesi and graduates as the top of the class, will receive 30% scholarships in Clinical Psychology Master. 

Scope and Termination of Scholarship 
1) Students can benefit from only one of our scholarships/discounts. 
2) Students who are eligible to receive scholarships and discounts for more than one can benefit only from the one with highest amount. 
3) In case of termination of employment contract, excluding retirement, personnel scholarship is ended.