PPC (Political Psychology Application and Research Center) - Director’s Message

What are the causes and effects of human behaviors on the political level?

Why do we clash and why do we make peace?

Do societies suffer trauma just as individuals?

Do they mourn?

Do they get angry or be afraid?

What kind of products of psychological processes are racism, discrimination and marginalization?

Is human behavior based on rational decisions or emotional choices?

Are our psychologies reflections of the policies implemented, or are the policies the product of our emotions?

Political psychology is an interdisciplinary, unique and a newly developing scientific field of study. Therefore, it does not have a standard education format and its content and application purpose can be constructed in different frameworks. Political psychology studies are shaped by an absolute academic format in some institutions, emerge as an area of practice that contributes to the state of bureaucracy in some places.

In today's world, no matter what it is used for, can now be supported by technological means of political psychology as the scientific studies can be done in a much more qualified way. Many political behaviors, from voting to terrorist actions, can now be analyzed in a wide range of political psychology with neuroscience and advanced technologies. From the imaging of functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) that the science world uses to map the human mind, to artificial intelligence applications, eye movement analysis devices, to the visualization/repression of transcranial direct currents stimuli (tDCS) and brain activities, many of the equipment is on the agenda of the world in both civil life and physical dimensions.

This situation brings us to the point of intersection where the collaboration of political science and psychology is inevitable.

The studies conducted in this area, which can be considered not only in our country but also in the world, are generally western researches. In our Political Psychology Application and Research Center established in December 2018, we aim to organize symposiums, conferences and workshops and produce scientific research and publications. As we plan to implement a vision for our students through our activities, we also aim to bring together academicians working in this field and to be a meeting point which will bring qualified institutions and networks together at the international level.

Through our work and practices, we intend to determine the social needs and problems and to support the production of solutions in this direction.

Prof. Deniz Ülke ARIBOĞAN

PPC Director