Üsküdar University holds a mandatory class attendance in all classes. Students are asked to attend 70% of their theoretical classes and 80% of their applied classes.

Girls Student Hostel is located 200m walking distance to the Center Campus with a capacity of 72 students. Additionally, a consultation is given to the male and female students in the dormitories.

Higher Education Transfer Exam (YGS) organized by ÖSYM and Undergraduate Placement Exam (LYS) relevant point type to choose faculties and vocational schools (YGS-1, YGS-2, YGS-3, YGS-4, YGS-5, YGS-6, TM-1, TM-2, TM-3, TS-2, MF-2, MF-3, MF-4).

  • We are an expert and the first thematic university in Behavioral Science and Health,
  • Psychology, Philosophy, Health, Genetics, Communication, Engineering Synthesis and the existence of R&E as well as Health Application Research Centers,
  • We conduct a research that combines Neuropsychiatric and Magnetic Stimulation Treatments and technology mental health coexistent clinical approach to measure brain functions
  • We obtain inter and multidisciplinary working capital through rapid penetration of the latest technologies, avatar modeling and mathematical modeling in neuropsychiatry. We own laboratory units that are 2.500 m2 in total that will serve this purpose.
  • We apply our “Learning Organization” principle and “Learning University” percept through the collaboration of the faculty members and students. We give importance to produce R&D, techno surgery, science incubator and scientific techno parks with faculty members who possess schizophrenic medicine and specially equipped psychiatric ambulance patent. 
  • Our goal is to become a worldwide university with student exchange programs such as international accreditation and Erasmus.
  • We care to serve the public with our social responsibility projects.
  • We provide our students career planning that are appropriate to their skills and abilities. We care about the employment and placement of our graduates in the “Placement Office”.
  • We integrate “University Hospital Association” model with academic and clinical education and obtain professional standards in clinical experience and service.
  • We preserve the principles of being “hard working, responsible, innovator-entrepreneur and vision holder” and “Lifelong education philosophy”.
  • We hold the vision to penetrate “Upward and Outward” (an interactive educational system that allows rising out and including in, when needed) along with guarding equal rights, providing personalized education opportunities and creating a corporate culture that possesses ethical values.
  • We aim to be an authority globally and produce scientific products that are above the World standards.
  • We target to enter the top 500 universities of the world by 2023 through perpetrating distinguished academic publications, educational quality and contributing an educational standard to the society.
  • We offer ethical values education in scope of 45 credit points in preferred courses and the main principle underneath this approach is “Being a good human being is not less than being a good expert”.

Our cornerstones are to generate information, projects and academic outputs in a world class standard through specializing in “Behavioral Sciences and Heath” field; develop resources for this production, collaborate with related parties and train qualified professionals.

You can reach us from +90 216 400 22 22 or send us an e-mail to info@uskudar.edu.tr. You may also contact us by filling in the Communication Form.