Quality Policy

  • Adopt knowledge, innovation and human values in our understanding of continuous quality improvement,
  • Develop technology intensive, highly qualified education, teaching, research and application programs,
  • Provide added value and participation in regional and national development in the framework of R & D focuses on innovation and research,
  • Use the manpower and physical resources effectively and efficiently,
  • Ensure that the principles that will carry and reflect the corporate values within the framework of the mission and vision of the University,
  • Recognize, manage and take the necessary measures,
  • continue to work for a world-class and European class education and training activities in Turkey,
  • Ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, especially our students and keep them at the highest level,
  • Support the education, scientific research and development and social responsibility activities by making quality as a corporate culture with the understanding of Total Quality Management,
  • Develop strategies for internationalization related issues.