About Department of Student Affairs

The main tasks of the Department of Student Affairs are to pass on the accurate information to the students, their parents, academic and administrative staff; communicate in accordance with the legislation in force; direct to the relevant units; perform the tasks and transactions in this legislation in a timely manner in accordance with the academic Schedule.
All kinds of information and documents needed from our students during the year, are prepared and delivered to them as soon as they apply. In order to ease our students’ education lives, we kindly ask them to follow us from the University’s webpage, smart phone applications, social media platforms, e-mails and/or announcements made in the campuses in concurrence with the academic calendar.

If necessary, students should update their personal information from student affair bureau promptly therefore students can be contacted when needed.

Student Information System (OBS)

With the beginning of new  education year, our students can follow their grades, absences, registration of the courses etc. through the automation system. Our students can log in at obs.uskudar.edu.tr or by following the steps described on the page when logged in via the OBS shortcut on our website. In cases when the student does not know the password or forgot it, new password can be taken by filling in the requested information from the "Tek Şifre” (Single Password) link on the information system page.

Student Mail System

An e-mail address is assigned to every student who enrolls in Üsküdar University.

Our students will use these e-mail addresses throughout their education lives in the University.

Our students should get their e-mail address by accessing to https://bt.uskudar.edu.tr/btmail and signified steps should be taken.

Student ID

All our students enrolled in the University will receive their student IDs.

Students will use their student ID cards when entering and exiting the campus.

If the students lose their ID cards or feel the need to replace, they may get the new ones from Student Affairs Office.

Other Duties and Responsibilities of the Student Affairs Directorate are mentioned below;

  • Execute the admission process in the University,
  • Create and archiving the students’ files,
  • Conduct re-registration and registration procedures,
  • Execute International Students’ procedures,
  • Perform disenrollment, exmatriculation and suspend the studies when needed,
  • Execute in-house, out-house and transfer procedures,
  • Carry out double major and minor procedures,
  • Prepare Student Documents, Transcripts and Student Status Form,
  • Identify and announce Honors, High Honors students,
  • Carry out student IDs and discounted travel cards procedures,
  • Conduct all the necessary procedures for Summer School seasons,
  • Organize the academic calendar,
  • Execute male students’ military postponement process,
  • Perform graduation and diploma procedures,
  • Prepare the information and statistics received from YÖK, ÖSYM, KYK, etc.

STUDENT AFFAIRS E-MAIL: ogrenciislerigrup@uskudar.edu.tr