About Üsküdar - Basic Values

  • Respects all human values,
  • Depends on universal law, national laws, universal and scientific values,
  • Open to change and innovation,
  • Environmentally sensitive,
  • Focusing on raising students to a high standard,
  • Be a pioneer that provides added value and participation to regional development, an example approach from a universal perspective,
  • No discrimination in religion, language, race, nationality, gender, color, thought,
  • Adopts critical thinking, freedom, pluralistic and participatory values,
  • Protects the basic values of society, keeps the social interest in the foreground and sensitive to the social problems,
  • Have the principles of equality, reliability, rationalism, where scientific and critical thinking are the primary and ethical values are the first,
  • Seeks, collects, transfers, preserves information, follows a method that achieves perfection in research, production, sharing and dissemination,
  • Keeps transparency and accountability in activities,
  • Strives to be the science center of Turkish citizens who attach utmost importance to international relations and live abroad in Turkey,
  • Supports the accession process to the European Union without losing the Turkish basic values to reach the level of contemporary civilizations,
  • We are a university that ensures business satisfaction of the scientific and administrative staff and continuously develops.