PARGE - Congress Payments

Procedures in Congress payments: 

After the lecturers arrive from the congress, they should write to the Directorate of Financial Affairs on the EBYS (in-house outgoing documents) with the following documents in addition to the manuscript: (The person should put the name in signature part, and put the following in paraph section Human Resources Director Serdar Karagöz, PARGE Accounting Specialist Ümit Daşdemir and to PARGE Coordinator Prof. Muhsin KONUK)
1) Board of Directors' decision from affiliated faculty (to be received from going to the congress)
2) Congress paper acceptance letter (may have e-mail print out)
3) Invoices (to be processed on a form received by the accounting)
4) Congress website print out

NOTE: Before the congress, it is necessary to obtain the permission (via ebys) from the related Faculty Administrative Board and the head physician (for employees at the hospital).


Prof. Muhsin KONUK

SMMM Ümit Daşdemir