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Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: "You made significant contribution to Turkey's mental health services"

Üsküdar University held a final sitting about Turkey’s Addiction and Mental Health Risk…

Üsküdar University's Great Loss

Prof. Antikacıoğlu’s funeral will be held at Kadıköy Surp Takavor Armenian Church on 02 February,…

Üsküdar University’s 2. TEDx Conference!

Üsküdar University continues to host TEDx, which is one of the most important ideas and discussion…

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For the Attention of Students who will take English II


PSIR 140 Introduction to Law Class Schedule Update

For the Attention of 1st Year Political Science and International Relations Students! (English Department)!The…

Faculty Advisors

For the Attention of Our StudentsFaculty Advisors table is attached below.Faculty Advisors 2018-2019…

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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Üsküdar University was founded in 2011 as Turkey’s first thematic University in Behavioral Sciences and Health. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which was established in the same year, accepted its first students in the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences that offers contemporary education to its students, aims to graduate them as well-equipped and entrepreneurial individuals who have analytical thinking in their areas of expertise, practice and research skills, and can take part in international platforms.

Aims to Understand and Explain Society and Human Nature

The academic staff of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, in which the studies are conducted to better understand and explain people and society; aim to contribute to the scientific world in an effort to understand people and society with qualified and rigorous studies and work to convey their personal accumulation and scientific facts to the students.

The Purpose of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The purpose of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is to contribute science based on scientific, contemporary, critical perspectives and contribute to national and international studies depending on human and ethical values. Apart from the scientific studies in the theoretical areas, students are provided with a unique science and application environment that includes application possibilities.

Application and Internship Opportunities Offered

Students can benefit from internship and application opportunities at Üsküdar University NP Etiler Medical Center and NP Feneryolu Medical Center as well as at the NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, which is the application partner of Üsküdar University. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences educates students to be open-minded, cultured and knowledgeable, through compulsory and elective courses offered in a broad perspective, as well as providing a solid academic background. The conducted interdisciplinary approach ensures that students are informed in new areas and have careers in different sectors.

Departments in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

There are seven departments in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences including Philosophy, Psychology, Psychology (English), Sociology, Political Science and International Relations, Political Science and International Relations (English) and History.