FEDEK Accreditation

FEDEK AccreditationWhat is FEDEK accreditation, why is it important?

FEDEK; the Science, Literature, Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography Curriculum Programs Assessment and Accreditation Association and FEF (FEF - Science, Literature, Science and Literature, Language and History-Geography Faculties) departments are working to improve education, scientific research and serving the public.

FEDEK, has committed to contribute to enhancing the quality of teaching FAS in Turkey by carrying out accreditation, evaluation and informing activities for different disciplines such as Science, Literature, Science-Literature, Language and History-Geography Faculties (FEF). The Higher Education Council (YÖK) recognizes FEDEK as a national quality assurance institution.

Reliability and transparency are important

The quality, transparency and reliability of university education is of great importance for the Bologna process. Regular evaluation of the programs and research activities offered by the independent organization throughout the education, contributes to the development of the universities.

Üsküdar University received FEDEK accreditation with 5 different programs

Five different types of program accreditation have been awarded as of April 14 2018, the accreditation decision regarding the first undergraduate programs, which was first evaluated by FEDEK. Üsküdar University is awarded with FEDEK Accreditation due to the evaluations made in Molecular Biology and Genetics (Turkish), Molecular Biology, and Genetics (English) programs of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and Philosophy, Psychology (Turkish) and Psychology (English) programs of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.