Graduation, Diploma and Temporary Graduation Certificate Procedures

Graduation Procedures

  • All courses in the curriculum, graduation thesis and internship are successfully completed and the successful student with a general weighted GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 is eligible to graduate.
  • The relevant board of directors decides the graduation of the student.
  • After the decision of the board of directors is notified to the student affairs unit, the graduation procedures of the student are carried out through the Student Information System (OBS).
  • Students who have completed graduation process can check their status via e-Government "Higher Education Graduate Certificate Inquiry".

Diploma-Temporary Graduation Certificate Procedures

  • Students who have completed graduation can obtain a temporary graduation certificate via e-Government until their diplomas are prepared.
  • After the completion of the graduation procedures at the end of the semester, the diplomas of our students are prepared and after the necessary signatures are received, the diplomas that must be registered by the Ministry of Health or the Provincial Health Directorate are sent for registration and diplomas that do not need to be registered are made ready to be delivered.
  • The diploma or temporary graduation certificate is delivered to the student himself. However, if he or she cannot come in person, it can also be given to the regents that the student has given power of attorney through the notary.
  • Students who receive a temporary graduation certificate from the Department of Student Affairs until their diplomas are prepared are required to keep the original temporary graduation certificate until they receive their diploma and return it by bringing it with them when they come to get a diploma.
  • Students with graduation GANO between 3.00-3.49 are entitled to an honorary certificate and students between 3.50-4.00 are entitled to a high honorary certificate. At the end of undergraduate or associate degree education, the documents of the students who are able to obtain an honorary or higher honor certificate are delivered to them together with their diploma.

Exmatriculation Process

  • Students who have a diploma or temporary graduation certificate ready start the exmatriculation process by applying for student jobs with their student ID cards.
  • Students who have completed the exmatriculation process with the signatures obtained from the Financial Affairs and Library units can receive their diploma or temporary graduation certificate by submitting the dismissal certificate and id card to the student affairs.

The Graduate Information System has been build-up for you to continue your communication with our university after graduation. It is important for us as a university to update your information after graduation (education, communication, work, etc.) through the system.
Assistant medical personnel (Nurse, Health Officer, etc.) click here for diploma registration inquiry procedures.
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