Üsküdar University


About Üsküdar - Strategic Goals

  • To train qualified staff for the developing health sector (especially in the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neurology) in Turkey and in the region.
  • To conduct scientific studies to develop and preserve mental health of people and society.
  • To contribute to the education system in general, and to be compatible with the Bologna process and appropriate to the goals and vision determined by SPO (State Planning Organization) in line with the socio-cultural development of Turkey.
  • To contribute to science in the moral and spiritual fields and to the ethical values; to which attached more importance in developing countries, which holds the potential of becoming more significant in the near future. To deal with the studies of patient rights, medical ethics, bioethics in a historical process. To train experts, competent on the patient rights and creator of ethical standards and moral counselors, knowledgeable with psycho-social structures of the patients as implemented in the hospitals in developed countries. To recover the damages of the mental health of the society caused by the non- conformist attitudes to mental, scientific and religious values such as spiritualists, healers and magicians. To produce scientific solutions related to this, to train spiritual counselors knowledgeable and alligned with the universal, spiritual values.
  • By promoting Istanbul to be a world city in many areas, and stay as the center of attraction in mental health through exporting health services and educationin order to contribute to the national economy.
  • By introducing different foreign languages into our education in the future and thus making our country more attractive for prospective foreign students to come to Turkey and to support the economy and reputation of our country.
  • To take the socio-cultural dynamics of the country into consideration, to preserve the mental health of the individual and the society. It is known that the World Health Organization (WHO) has submitted projects to the world parliaments in order to prevent suicides and has mentioned about the intensity of depression and announced that if no precautions are taken, it will be the World’s biggest health problem by 2020. We feel obliged to make significant contribution to this field.
  • To promote the University as a center of attraction for the highly qualified academic members in the international academia.
  • To conduct scientific and social researches in order to acquaint the humanity with the socio-cultural and historical wealth of the country.
  • To develop new tools via specially devised organizations in order to provide society with new inventions and patents produced by the University.
  • To implement the most recent and advanced methods and techniques to education and training, to promote all academic staff to attend in-service training in order to learn and implement the latest changes in technology.
  • To generalize the interdisciplinary approach to education, research, and applications.
  • Within the framework of EU (Erasmus) and Farabi exchange programs, to encourage the Students and Faculty Members for  Exchange Programs.
  • To encourage the contributive projects to regional and national development.
  • To create and conduct partnership projects with research groups and institutions in prominent national and foreign universities.
  • To foster an environment for seminars, conferences and workshops for the students to meet on a common ground with businessmen, scientists and successful figures in their fields.
  • To support the students’ clubs, activities, and organizations.
  • With an approach in which all are participatory, innovative, entrepreneurial, human oriented, interacting with the stakeholders, open to change in accordance with the feedback constantly received, to prefer and implement a management style which does not make any concessions in the universal, academic and ethical values.
  • To ensure the accreditation in education, training and service quality offered by the University and to move forward continually in the total quality management
  • To complete the construction of all buildings of the University campuses within the next five years, to build up popular places in the campus for the students in order to fulfill their social and cultural needs and enrich the campus with physical and  visual details in order to give a unique stylish identity to their place.