YAZAMER (Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems Application and Research Center) – Director’s Message

In today's information society, with the rapid development of technology, social and economic changes are also experienced and many technological products or applications that can make human life easier are emerging and produced. However, the development of data collection methods increases both the resolution of the collected data and the density of the collected data, due to the increase in the frequency of data collection. Processing of the intensive data obtained and the interpretation of the data at the end of the processing, are very important in sectors that are based on cost, time and resource efficiency, especially in health, industry and education. Producing software that is generally referred to as smart systems and having the ability to make optimum decisions according to the current conditions in the industry, spreading these softwares as products that will produce added value to our country with industry collaborations, primarily for the industrial sector that needs R&D and uses low-middle class technology. is an indispensable need. Similarly, in the field of health informatics, brain computer interface (BBA) software, which will include disease classification, treatment outcome prediction, and all these data entry, analysis and interpretation processes, will be widely used in the near future.

The primary purpose of YAZAMER is; to make a technological breakthrough that our country needs and to contribute to the high value-added product development process by using constantly renewed and accelerating data collection, data analysis, control systems and optimization algorithms. In addition to sharing the theoretical and technical knowledge with individuals and institutions, the center aims to present the physical and virtual (software) products to be obtained for the benefit of society and economy, to disseminate the relevant processes and to spread them to a broad national base, to contribute to the scientific, economic and academic development process. YAZAMER carries out all its activities and processes such as individual and corporate trainings, certificate programs, pre-programmed seminars, contracted seminars, inter-institutional coordination (Ministries, Local Governments, etc.) It aims to contribute to the product acquisition and development processes of institutions or academicians who make demands in the field of artificial intelligence.

The main mission of the center is to transform academic knowledge into a commercial product that can present added value, to contribute to the national economy and academic development, to spread knowledge to a wide base and to conduct interdisciplinary studies with cooperation processes, to develop projects and to find employment opportunities by taking part in these projects. We invite scientists and future candidates to our center to work together to be a pioneer in innovation, following the scientific research that changes and evolving every day in line with their objectives and who want to be involved in studies that will shed light on the future in this field.

Assoc. Dr. Türker Tekin ERGÜZEL