Horizontal Transition - In-House Horizontal Transition


  1. Applicants can apply for a transfer at the beginning of the second semester and at the beginning of the third semester in their associate degree diploma programs and at the beginning of the second and third grades in their undergraduate diploma programs.
  2. For intra-institutional transfer, it is mandatory for the student to have at least 2.00 out of 4 of the weighted grade point average of the period in which he/she has completed the program in which he/she is registered.
  3. The criteria for the continuation of scholarships for students who are studying within the quota of the scholarship holders are as follows.
  4. In order for a horizontal transfer application to be made between diploma programs that accept students at the same level but different centralized placement score types within the university, the central placement score, which is valid for the diploma program that the student wants to pass as of the year in which the central examination is entered, it is required that the diploma programs of other universities in the country is equivalent to the diploma program they wish to pass are not less than the lowest base score.
  5. In the same diploma programs, the first-degree program can be transferred to the second-degree program.
  6. Second-degree program students who graduated from their diploma programs by being in the first 10% of their class can make a horizontal transfer to the first-degree diploma programs within the quota.
  7. For the student to be able to apply for horizontal transfer, he must not have received any disciplinary action.
  8. Registration being frozen does not constitute an obstacle to the right of horizontal transfer.
  9. Transfers are carried out within the framework of the provisions of the "Regulation on Transition Principles between Higher Education Institutions and Associate Degree Programs".
  10. There is a requirement that the English language preparatory class be fulfilled or be exempted for the transfer to the diploma programs with English as a language of instruction.
  11. Those who have not studied from the English Preparatory Class must be successful in a foreign language proficiency test or that the University has received enough points in examinations with national or international validity, and that certificate is required at the time of application.
  12. Students who are transitioning to the Emergency and First Aid program should have a report certifying that they have a body structure and mental health that does not interfere with obtaining driving licenses from medical faculties of universities or state hospitals before final registration; they must have completed 17 years of age at the time of registration due to the necessity of using the vehicle in the 2nd class according to the program; he height should not be less than 1.65 for male students and 1.60 for female students, the weight should be in between of maximum 5 more and not less than 15 compared to the last two digits of the height expressed in centimeters; due to rescue and transportation work, they need to have physical competence to carry a patient in stretcher with their teammate. Height and weight status should be stated in the health report to be taken.

Results of Internal Lateral Transfer, Double Major and Minor Major will be published as announcement on Vocational School of Health Services website and our students can control their results on our website.

Internal Horizontal Transfers Deadline for Application: 08 September 2023

It will be updated for quotas.

It will be updated for the quota.