About Üsküdar Uni. - Why Üsküdar University

We are preferred because;

  • Üsküdar University has no alternative in the clinical and practical environment that presents opportunities for students who are interested in Psychology and Behavioral Health Sciences.
  • In Bioengineering, Üsküdar University is second to none offering clinical and research opportunities such as the production of Brain Battery, Neurostimulation and Neuroimaging laboratories, and Health Physics Studies.
  • In the Computer Engineering field, Üsküdar University has no alternative in the clinical infrastructure required for studies on the Brain-computer Interface (BCI) and artificial intelligence.
  • Üsküdar University will be providing the training of “Software Psychology” focusing on the development of User-Friendly Software.
  • We attain the human resources that are experienced and knowledgeable to encourage and maintain necessary developments for the Social Services and Pediatric.
  • We possess the infrastructure that will enable the clinical experience in Neuropsychiatry for the programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences and in the Vocational School of Health Services.
  • We adopt an understanding of “professional intelligence”, in Healthcare Management Department.
  • Üsküdar University has no alternative for those who pursue a career in “Behavioral Genetics” in Molecular Biology and Genetics fields.
  • We offer our students the opportunities to pursue a double major degrees and minor programs.
  • We are quite experienced in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Family Counseling, and Mind Training.
  • We provide our students with a variety of scholarship options.
  • Üsküdar University adopts a multidisciplinary approach in Psychology, Philosophy, Health, Genetics, and Engineering Sciences.

Our 4 Fundamental Principles





Why are we a Thematic University?

Having multi-disciplinary organizations of positive and social sciences on common grounds have been one of the most important development in 21st Century. The association of positive sciences seeking the reality and social sciences seeking the good, the beautiful as well as the truth, has been a new trend especially in the United States.

Academic structures that strive to understand social phenomena and human behavior, criminal and terrorist behavior; have been increasing gradually.

Some of the higher education institutions providing education in this field are:

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)
California Board of Behavioral Sciences 
FBI Academy,