Honorary Doctorate Degrees


Üsküdar University Senate cordially and unanimously decided to grant Prof. Stephen M. Stahl the title of “Honorary Doctorate Degree” due to his global scientific publications in the fields of neurology, psychiatry and psychopharmacology as well as his contributions to the science world through his studies and researches.

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Prof.Stephen Michael Stahl, M.D., Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae 

Prof. Stephen Stahl was born in September 14, 1951. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from University of Chicago and Northwestern University as a member of the honors program. He received his Ph.D. degree in pharmacology and physiology from the University of Chicago and specialized in internal medicine at the University of Chicago, neurology at the University of California in San Francisco and psychiatry at Stanford University.

He held faculty positions at Stanford University, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the Institute of Psychiatry London and the Institute of Neurology London. Currently, he is a professor at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and is an Honorary Visiting Senior Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He also directs psychopharmacology services and academic programs for California Department of State Hospital System, where he also heads their assessment and treatment efforts to reduce violence.

Prof. Stephen Stahl was formerly Executive Director of Clinical Neurosciences at the Merck Neuroscience Research Center in the UK for several years. His major interests are dedicated to producing and disseminating educational information about diseases and their treatments in psychiatry and neurology, with a special emphasis on multimedia, the internet and instructing on how to teach.

He currently serves as editor-in-chief of CNS Spectrums and associate editor of Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. He is the former clinical field editor for the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology and is on numerous editorial boards of other leading journals including the ACNP’s journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

Prof. Stahl has conducted numerous research projects during his career awarded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and by the pharmaceutical industry.  He is the author of more than five hundred scientific articles and book chapters, 33 books and over 1600 scientific presentations and abstracts published.

His best-selling and award winning textbook, Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology, now in its fourth edition and the best-selling and award winning clinical manual, Essential Psychopharmacology Prescriber’s Guide is now in its fifth edition. Lectures, courses and preceptorships based upon his textbooks have taken him to dozens of countries on six continents to speak to tens of thousands of physicians, mental health professionals and students at all levels. His lectures and scientific presentations have been distributed as more than a million CD-ROMs, internet educational programs, videotapes, audiotapes and programmed home study. Psychopharmacology teachers and students throughout the world use his courses and award-winning multimedia teaching materials.

Dr. Stahl serves as a fellow of the ACNP (American College of Neuro-psychopharmacology), of the British Association of Psychopharmacology (BAP) and of the CINP, where he was formerly vice president and is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). He also has served on numerous medical and scientific advisory boards for the pharmaceutical industry, for the biotechnology and medical information industry, and for various nonprofit and public service organizations. He has an active clinical practice specializing in psychopharmacologic treatment of resistant cases.

Prof. Stahl has been awarded the International College of Neuropsychopharmacology (CINP) Lundbeck Foundation Award in Education for his contributions to postgraduate education in psychiatry and neurology. His books have won the British Medical Association’s Book of the Year Award and Arbor Scientia, an NEI company, also was awarded the business of the year award from the local chamber of commerce. Dr. Stahl is also the winner of the A.E. Bennett Award of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, the APA/San Diego Psychiatric Society Education Award and the UCSD Department of Psychiatry Residency Teaching Award and was honored with the Distinguished Psychiatrist Award of the APA.


Because of his global important studies and scientific contributions in the field of “Neuroscience” which had high impact on research and clinical applications, he has been awarded the title of “Honorary Doctorate Degree” by Üsküdar University Senate.

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Professor Madjid Samii 

Curriculum Vitae 

Professor Madjid Samii was born in 19 June 1937 in Tehran, Iran and was grown in a scientific family. After finishing his high school education in Iran, he moved to Germany and started his medical study at University of Mainz. Regarding his achievements during his medical study and his final university scores as receiving the highest achievable score in the final medical examination, he received the prize of Iranian Science Ministry for the best Iranian students in Europe. After graduation from the medical school and finishing a secondary study in biology, he started his specialty education in the field of neurosurgery in the University of Mainz and received his board of neurosurgery in 1970.

In April 1970 and in the age of 32, he started his career as associate professor and vice director of neurosurgical department at university of Mainz. One year later, in 1971, he became the professor of neurosurgery. In this year he received an offer from the “National University” of Iran to become professor and chairman of neurosurgical department. He refused such an important position in order to continue his scientific career in the University of Mainz. In 1977 he became the Chairman of Neurosurgical Department in Hannover, Germany (Nordstadt Hospital); a position that he possessed till 2003. After several calls for the chair of neurosurgery from universities of Leiden (Netherland) and Mainz (Germany), he finally accepted the chair of neurosurgery in Hannover School of Medicine (MHH) Germany in 1988.  Since 1996, he acted as the chairman of both Neurosurgical Departments in Nordstadt Hospital and Hannover School of Medicine. In 2000, Professor Samii founded the International Neuroscience Institute (INI) in Hannover and was nominated as President. In 2003 he retired from the chairs of Neurosurgical

Departments in Nordstadt Hospital and Hannover School of Medicine and devoted himself to further development of International Neuroscience Institute. In 2004, Professor Samii also accepted the presidency of China International Neuroscience Institute at the Capital Medical University in Beijing, China. In 2010 “Iran International Neuroscience Institute” in Tehran has been planned and the construction procedure has been started. Professor Madjid Samii is founder and president of Iran INI, which will be inaugurated in near future.

A major aspect of Professor Samii’s scientific career was his devotion to education and enhancement of neurosurgery. From the beginning of his career as the professor of neurosurgery, he put a major emphasis on education of neurosurgeons from all over the world. He held regular annual or biannual courses in microneurosurgery in the University of Mainz since 1971. In 1979, Professor Samii established the world’s first educational course in skull base surgery in Hannover.  Aside from his regular courses in Germany, he started to plan similar educational courses in many countries all over the world to enhance the knowledge of neurosurgery. In 2004, as the president of INI-China, he organized a permanent annual international course in clinical neurosurgery. Also in 2004 the directory board of Iranian social security organization has offered Professor Samii the chairmanship of neurosurgical department in Milad hospital in Tehran. Under his leadership, a very strong educational program for the staff has been planned and performed. The department is now one of the most developed neurosurgical centers. Since 2006 professor Samii established continuous international neurosurgical symposiums in Tehran under his direction.

Professor Madjid Samii was the founding president and founding member of several national and international foundations and societies. During his scientific life, Professor Samii received many honorary professorships, honorary doctorates and visiting professorships from all over the world. He has also given many honorary and memorial lectures. Professor Samii is honorary member of many national academies of medical science and national, international and continental societies of neurosurgery. He has received several prestigious national and international awards, honors and medals. He was also guest of honor in many neurosurgical meetings and had given more than 1000 lectures as special and invited lecturer in international congresses. He has been a guest of honor at the neurosurgery meetings held in many countries of the World from Germany to India and China to Russia. 

After being elected as the president of German society of neurosurgery, German society of skull base surgery, International skull base society, international skull base study group and German society of plastic and reconstructive surgery, he was elected as the president of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) from 1997 to 2001. Since 2001 he acted as the honorary president of WFNS and honorary president of WFNS foundation.
In 2011 WFNS has appointed Professor Madjid Samii as ambassador for Africa. He has created in this position the project of “Africa 100”.
Professor Samii is Editor, member of editorial board and honorary editor of many medical journals. He has ever published 17 books in the field of neurosurgery. His scientific works are also published in more than 500 scientific articles.

One of the most important achievements of professor Samii is education of more than a thousand neurosurgeons around the world. Most of these neurosurgeons are in leading positions in their countries. In 2002, his pupils and friends founded an international neurosurgical society under the name of “Madjid Samii Congress of International Neurosurgeons (MASCIN)” which was later changed its name to “Madjis Samii Society of International Neurosurgeons (MASSIN)”.

In 2011 the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) in an unprecedented action named its medal of honor after Professor Madjid Samii. The “Madjid Samii Medal of Honor” will be awarded every two years along with a prize of 10000 euros to the most prominent neurosurgeon worldwide and is a high honor for the recipient. The first medal and prize ceremony was held in 2011 in Brazil along with the WFNS meeting and the winner was Maurice Chox, the professor of Marseille university in France.
Professor Samii married to Mahshid Samii since 1961 and has two children. His daughter, Amireh Samii, studied economy and his son, Professor Amir Samii, is a famous professor of neurosurgery and currently acts as the vice-director of the neurosurgical center at INI-Hannover.




Because of his contributions in Neuropsychiatric and Electrophysiological studies in the Clinical fields, Turkish Electrophysiology, literature and representational studies in the international arena, he was awarded “Honorary Doctorate Degree” by Üsküdar University Senate. 

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Professor Norman Moore

Curriculum Vitae 

Prof. Norman Moore was born on 1st of August 1938. He completed his undergraduate studies in Medicine at Queen's University, Ireland in 1964. He received his Doctor degree in the same university and received training in Psychiatry at the Royal Air Force, London. Prof. Moore attended the program for Advanced Training in Biomedical Research Management in Harvard School of Public Health. Prof. Moore holds four honors from American Psychiatric Association and Royal College of Psychiatrists. He also received the awards of “Mental Illness Research”, “Exemplary Psychiatrist”, “Distinguished Researcher of the Year” and “Recognition for Excellence in Medical

Student Education”. Prof. Norman has taken part in the management of several professional associations. He was the scientific advisor for “Numology” and “Neuronetrix” biotechnical companies.  He was the Chief Editor of Clinical EEG and Neuroscience, and served as a member of the editorial boards of “Journal of Primary Care Psychiatry”, “Clinical EEG and Neuroscience” and “International Journal of Neural Systems”. Prof. Moore who has written about 98 articles so far, is currently Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Psychiatry at East Tennessee State University in America. He was awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree by the Üsküdar University Senate in 2017. 


Because of his contributions in art, therapy and marbling art with a new, profound and different, innovative concepts and due to his studies in transitioning the marbling art from traditional to futuristic point of view. 

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Hikmet Barutçugil

Curriculum Vitae 

Hikmet Barutçugil was born in Malatya in 1952 and in 1973, he started his textile education at Istanbul State Fine Arts Academy, Applied Industrial Arts High School. In his first year of high school, he met Prof. Emin Barın and became his student. Due to the encouragement of Prof. Emin Barın, he became fond of calligraphy. Barutçugil realized his interest in marbling art during his studies in calligraphy and discovered his dynamism while he started his studies in marbling art as it captured his soul fully. During his student years, he continued his researches on his own and improved himself.
After graduating from the Academy in 1977 as a textile designer, he concentrated his work on marbling art. Between 1978 and 1981 he continued his research and studies in London, where he went to gain expertise.  He created new horizons by combining the artistic infrastructure he acquired from academic education with the traditional arts. While keeping the tradition alive as it was in the past, his contemporary interpretations have drawn his field of interest very differently.

The artist, who always aims to see and develop marbling art as if it’s a scientific field, developed many products from everyday use tools to materials used in interior architecture as he believed in the need of life to sustain this art. He tried marbling art approaches that haven’t been tried before. In literature, he has been named the person who invented “Gunpowder Marbling Art”. 
In order to promote and spread the Turkish Marbling Art, he provided 169 courses and seminars, 99 lectures with 108 personal and 103 group exhibitions and 6 art therapies with the demonstration of the applied marbling art at home and abroad.

He gave lectures in Royal College of Art (London), Internationale Gesellschaft für Musik-Ethnologie und Kunsttherapie Forschung (Vienna), Otonom University (Madrid), University of Graz (Austria), Basel Paper Museum (Switzerland), University of Massachusetts (Boston, USA), Lok Virsa Museum'da (Islamabad) as well as in many other Art Academies. Hikmet Barutçugil is currently giving lectures in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Traditional Turkish Arts Department; Ebristan, Salacak (İstanbul Marbling Art House), TBMM National Palaces Traditional Arts Center and some other education institutes. Barutçugil who earned many international awards, he has artworks in London British Museum as well as in some of the world's famous museums. Hikmet Barutçugil is the first and only Turkish artist to receive the prize of “BEST OF THE BEST” in 2012 in Art in Action art festival organized by London School of Economic Science.

Besides Hikmet Barutçugil's many published interviews and articles, he has 24 books and the name of a few are; ‘Renklerin Sonsuzluğu’,  ‘Suyun Renklerle Dansı’, ‘Suyun Rüyası Ebru’, ‘The Dream of Water’, ‘Efsun Çiçeği’, ‘Ebristanbul’, ‘Siyah Beyaz Ebru’, ‘O’nun Şefkati’, ‘Simetri’, ‘Battaldan Baruta Ebruvan’, ‘Ebristan’dan Yeşerenler’, ‘Türklerin Ebru Sanatı’, ‘Ebrulî Mardin’, ‘Hikmet Barutçugil Minyatür Kitap’, ‘Ebrularda Mardin’, ‘Dostluk Defteri’ ve ‘Traume auf Wasser (Almanca, İngilizce)’ , ‘Elif’ ve ‘Ebrunun Mermer Yüzü’, ‘The Dream of Water’, ‘Helsinki Sergi Katalogu’, ‘Esma-i Hüsna’.

In order to plan works that will inspire the artists of the coming centuries from this day, he transformed a historic mansion from the 1830s into a “museum gallery” that turns it into a house of Marbling Art.
In “Ebristan” İstanbul Marbling Art House, he continues his studies on paper, fabric, ceramic, glass, wood, etc. and continues to apply calligraphy, gilding, miniature and other traditional arts. 
He is awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree by the Üsküdar University Senate because of his contributions in art, therapy and marbling art with a new, profound and different, innovative concepts and due to his studies in transitioning the marbling art from traditional to futuristic point of view.