Child Development Master's Degree - Academic Staff

Nurper ÜLKÜER , Ph.D

FHS / Child Development - Head of Department


Sevda ASQAROVA, Ph.D Professor of Creative psychology and Pedagogy of Education

FHS / Occupational Therapy - Head of Department / MÜTEM Director


Nilgün SARP, Ph.D Professor of Child Development and Education

(Part time) FHS / Child Development Department


F. Gökben HIZLI SAYAR, MD Professor of Psychiatry (Adult Psychiatry)

Faculty of Medicine / Department of Mental Health and Diseases / FHSS / Psychology (English) / ISS / Assistant Manager /Deputy Director of Graduate School of Social Sciences / Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology


Hamiyet SAYAN, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

FHS / Occupational Therapy

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