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Neuroscience Doctorate Degree (PhD) - About

About the Neuroscience PhD Program


What is Neuroscience Doctorate Program?

In our age, it is important to investigate cognitive processes and neurological functions in order to explain human behavior and to understand the underlying mechanisms. In this respect, cognitive sciences and neuroscience appear as branches of science that form the basis for explaining human behavior. These two basic scientific disciplines are among the interdisciplinary fields of study, which are closely related to many fields such as medicine, psychology, behavioral sciences, computer sciences, and forensic sciences.

A Holistic and Effective Approach is Exhibited.

Developments in cognitive sciences and neuroscience pave the way for scientific studies and applications in all kinds of human fields. In addition, it is essential to benefit from neuroscience in order to explain cognitive functions and to fully understand the underlying mechanisms. Therefore, a training program in which these two disciplines will be handled together draws attention as a necessary program in terms of displaying a scientifically holistic and effective approach.

It is handled with a multidisciplinary approach.

Neuroscience Doctorate Program opened within these grounds; It aims to create an interdisciplinary, creative, innovative and academically strong education program by bringing together experts from different fields such as psychology, neuroscience, and computer engineering and benefiting from these differences. Üsküdar University, which stands out with its thematic education in the field of behavioral sciences, aims to contribute to the science of the country at world standards by training academicians in this field with its strong staff and wide infrastructure opportunities.

What are the Courses Taken in the Neuroscience Doctorate Program?

Neuroscience Doctorate Program covers multidisciplinary fields such as neuroscience, psychology, physiology, pharmacology, neurology, psychiatry, cognitive sciences, biology, mathematics and statistics.

What are the Working Areas of the Graduates of the Neuroscience Doctorate Program?

Students who have completed the Neuroscience Doctorate Program have the opportunity to work as academicians in different faculties of universities.

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