Perfusion Master's Degree - About

The main goal of the Perfusion Master's Program is to meet the need for qualified academic staff for research to be carried out in the field of perfusion education throughout the country. In addition, it is to contribute to meeting the need for perfusionists, whose demand is increasing, in meeting the need that will increase due to the increasing population and aging, meeting the needs of new centers to be opened, and the application of new treatment methods, especially ECMO, apart from cardiac surgery.

In our country, there is a need for academic research to solve the existing problems in education in this field. Therefore, this program will play an important role in training the scientists needed in the field.

In addition to raising scientists, it is also of great importance to train perfusionists and educators who are currently working in both public and private institutions. Keeping perfusionists up to date with the latest developments in science has an indispensable importance in the graduate education process for their academic training. Increasing the knowledge and skills, as well as the ethical and professional activities of people who have a Master's degree in this field, will contribute to their ability to perform their duties in a more qualified manner. For this reason, the opening of this master's program is important in terms of training perfusionists and managers who are currently working in various fields, as well as educating academic personnel.

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